2009 Fall Camp: Day 11 News and Notes

ATHENS - David Hale's news and notes from Georgia's fall practices.


Senior defensive tackles Rod Battle posted two-and-a-half sacks Friday, adding to the three-and-a-half he had in Wednesday's scrimmage.

After battling through injuries in a disappointing 2008 season, the results are encouraging.

"It means something," he said. "I mean, you go in there and put effort into it, you want to get the results. Like I said I hope we just keep getting better as a defensive group. Hopefully for that first game we're ready to roll."

Freshman Montez Robinson had two sacks, with Justin Houston adding one. Darryl Gamble and Kwame Geathers each has a half-sack respectively.


Starter Joe Cox took a seat for most of the scrimmage, giving way to backup Logan Gray, and freshmen Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger.

Gray went 6-of-8 for 91 yards, further solidifying his No. 2 status.

"Here's what I would say--he's had a good camp," Richt said of Gray. "He's done nothing to lose any ground, but the young guys are progressing."

Murray finished 5-of-9, gaining 95 yards. Mettenberger rebounded from a poor outing in Wednesday's scrimmage to a slight degree, going 4-of-7 for 29 yards and an interception.

"Quite frankly like I said Monday we'll meet and really see where we are," Richt said. "I think Logan had another fine outing (Saturday), so I would say he's still No. 2."

Cox finished 3-of-6 for 35 yards.


Richt moved the scrimmage to 8 p.m. hoping to use the nighttime atmosphere and cooler temperatures to increase the energy in his players. For the freshmen it was the first time suiting up at night in Sanford Stadium.

"I think for a lot of the guys, especially the freshmen, it reminded them of Friday night lights," said Battle. "It really seemed to spark something."

Actually the team beat Richt to Sanford, cancelling meetings to arrive early. The offense was already on the field when the head coach walked in, with the defense close behind.

"It was fun being under the lights and between the hedges on a Saturday night," Richt said. "The guys were playing with a lot of energy and I think the coaches got what they wanted out of them."

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