Top Five Key Defenders at Georgia - #3

ATHENS – Dean Legge reviews the top players, in reverse order, on Georgia's defense who will be key in 2009.

#5 – Prince Miller – Cornerback, Duncan, SC

Prince Miller makes plays, and that goes a long way in determining just what a cornerback means to a team. Miller, Georgia's most experiences, and perhaps most talented cornerback is a senior now, and NFL money is on the table for him. If he has a good year he can significantly improve his NFL Draft position, which will earn him a lot more money.

Miller is one of many successful South Carolinians to play at Georgia of late.

As far as his role at Georgia is concerned, Miller does a slew of things for the Dawgs. He is their best punt returner, albeit a risky one at times. He is the only Dawgs responsible for a special teams touchdown in recent memory. If he can improve his consistency catching punts, which really hurt Georgia early in the season last year, then he could be difficult to stop back there.

More than any other thing, Miller brings a certain about of attitude to the team. When he was younger, Miller was brash – he still is, but it seems to be a little more controlled. Miller's 2009 is going to be big for the Dawgs. He has a true sophomore who has never started a game starting opposite from him. Miller needs to have a good season if Georgia expects to have a good 2009. He needs to be his fiery self, but controlled. That will be his challenge in 2009.

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