Top Five Defenders at Georgia - #1

ATHENS – Dean Legge reviews the top players, in reverse order, on Georgia's defense.

#1 – Rennie Curran – Linebacker, Snellville, GA

I remember wrapping up one game from last season by wondering if the defense would get off the field without Rennie Curran making plays. I still think that's a relevant question. Curran was, it is clear now, an undervalued recruit. Georgia offered him the spring before his senior season, but they nearly let Auburn jump in before them to get an advantage. Good for the Dawgs they didn't because I am certain Georgia would not won nearly as many games in the last few seasons without Curran – the 2008 Auburn game comes to mind specifically.

Curran almost slipped through the recruiting cracks.

To narrow Curran's impact to just one play or game would be minimizing his impact. Curran is now the leader he always wanted to be – folks are looking up to him – watching for the reasons why he is so successful.

It remains to be seen what sort of NFL player Curran will be. I am certain he will be "under" drafted, too. The thing that you notice when you turn on the film and watch Georgia is Curran's ability to make plays – and more importantly make tackles. A lot of the 2008 defense could have learned a thing or five from Curran about bringing a player to the ground. Georgia would really, really struggle without Curran on the field, that's the reason he is my number one defender.

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