August 22, 2009: Georgia Practice Report

ATHENS - Georgia christened a packed day with a 90-minute practice in full pads on Saturday morning. Following the session, the team was to take part in a variety of Picture Day commitments.

"There's not much to report," head coach Mark Richt said. "It was a short and sweet practice. (Demarcus) Dobbs came back without a green jersey, and Nick Williams came back."

Both Dobbs and Williams had been out of action due to slight neck soreness. Richt is hopeful the trend of players exchanging green jerseys for those of the red and white varieties will continue on Monday.

"By Monday, hopefully a lot of those guys who haven't been out there will be back," Richt said. "Reshad Jones is real close. Aron White is real close. (Darius) Dewberry is real close. I think those guys got some drill work in today."

The Bulldogs are building toward a "practice game" slated for Wednesday.

"I think we're in good shape really to where we need to be with scout team units," Richt said. "Yesterday, we spent about 20 minutes getting in scout team work. We're trying to get the guys prepared to get into Oklahoma State's looks.

"The practice game doesn't really tax the guys too much," Richt added. "It's really to prepare them for substitutions and game situations. We'll probably do that in the heat of the day to get ready for what we'll face in the first game."

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