Graydon thinking hard about last two...

Florida State, Auburn, and Georgia will still have in homes visits with Graydon

Dana Graydon has enjoyed his visits to both Georgia and Florida State. Graydon raved about his trip to Athens and said of his trip to Tallahassee: "I have never eaten so much as I did at Florida State." Apparently the food was really good there: "Right now FSU is my favorite," he said.

Florida State, Auburn, and Georgia will still have in homes visits with Graydon, who still has not committed. But he said that Auburn was eliminated from his list. With the Tigers crossed off, Graydon said that both Coach Callaway from Georgia and Coach Jody Allen from FSU have been recruiting him hardest.

"I know that FSU always had a winning tradition. I look at it and FSU has won the ACC 11 of the last 12 years. What turned Georgia around came from FSU, Mark Richt. Is he the reason? I don't know why FSU would suddenly have a down and then Georgia have such a good year," he said.

While it is debatable why FSU has had a down swing of late, Graydon went on to say that he is impressed with Georgia's offense and in particular with its defense. "Georgia's defense is swarming," he laughed.

In the end it appears what will sway Graydon to either Florida State or Georgia is if the coaching staffs of their respective schools can convince him that Mark Richt was or was not the reason that Florida State won so much in the past. "Does the fact that (FSU) lost it that one year have anything to do with Coach (Mark) Richt leaving for Georgia?

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