3-0... What If?

ATHENS – What happens if Georgia starts the season 3-0?

That is a scenario most fans are expecting, it seems, and it certainly seems much more likely than a 0-3 start. What will an undefeated start to the season mean for the Bulldogs?

More than anything else a quick start will give the Dawgs momentum – something they haven't had since they loaded the plane in Phoenix after the win over Arizona State last season. Alabama's convincing win over the Dawgs during the Blackout of 2008 took any and all momentum from the program, which had become one of the most talked about programs in the country.

Georgia needs a 3-0 start – if they get that I expect them to beat Arizona State, which will set up a huge game with LSU. A 3-0 start would mean that Georgia could lose the game with LSU) so long as they beat Tennessee and Florida) and still win the SEC East.

Georgia's season will always come down to the Florida game, but a 3-0 start will provide the Dawgs a little leeway as it relates to getting to that big game. The hoops the Dawgs will have to jump through will be a little less difficult, but challenging nonetheless. On paper this three-game stretch seems more difficult than any other three-game stretch during the season, although Auburn-Kentucky-at Georgia Tech is difficult, too – as is LSU-at Tennessee-at Vandy. But the start of the season can give or take momentum… there is something about turning the page and starting new.

A 3-0 start would also put the Dawgs in the top ten, where they have spent much of their time with Mark Richt as their coach. To some degree a 3-0 start will take much of the perceived heat off of defensive coordinator Willie Martinez, but the true test after a 3-0 start will be the big games: Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia Tech and most importantly Florida.

A 3-0 start would help fans, who have been super sensitive, relax a little. It may inject some much-needed optimism in the Bulldog nation, which has seen hated Florida win two of the last three national titles, watched as Georgia Tech danced Between the Hedges for the for time in recent memory last season and have seen their top three offensive threats on offense leave the program for the NFL.

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