Oklahoma State Week: Tuesday Practice Report

ATHENS - Georgia practiced for just under two and a half hours in shoulder pads and shorts on Tuesday, a day ahead of their traditional game-week preparations. The Bulldogs will use the next two days to put the final touches on their game plan for Saturday's nationally televised opener at Oklahoma State.

"We're on our 'open date' schedule, which is a day ahead of usual," head coach Mark Richt said. "We'll be in short the next two days. Today was our last day in any kind of pads. The next two days are key to our mental preparation. We'll focus on assignments. We'll try to get their legs back under them...get their legs fresh. This is our last day of contact until Saturday. Hopefully, they'll get anxious to hit someone then."

Earlier on Tuesday, Richt took part in Georgia's weekly press session where he discussed this weekend's matchup at length. Richt believes getting pressure on Oklahoma State quarterback Zac Robinson will be key.

"It¹s very important to have pressure on Robinson," Richt said. "Any quarterback, if you squeeze his pocket...quarterbacks love a nice, firm pocket. They want to stand there where they have space and they can see well and throw strikes. Most guys can, not all guys, but Zac certainly can if you give him a bunch of time and space. Sometimes you may not sack a quarterback, but if you can squeeze the pocket and he starts feeling it closing in him, it¹s tougher to make those throws and it¹s tougher to see. The closer the big men are in is face, the tougher it is to see. The farther away they are, you have throwing lanes and you just feel comfortable to be able to step and follow through

"We absolutely have to put pressure on him," Richt continued. "In practice I¹ve been very pleased with our top two guys (Rod) Battle and (Demarcus) Dobbs. I¹ve seen a lot of improvement there. We have a lot of young guys trying to prove they can do it. Marcus Washington is a veteran, but he¹s not a veteran at the defensive end position. It¹s going to be crucial that we are able to squeeze that pocket and put some pressure off the edges. If you put pressure on the edge and he steps up, it doesn¹t do any good, and that¹s where Geno (Atkins), Jeffrey (Owens), Kade (Weston) and DeAngelo (Tyson) have to come in and squeeze that pocket.²

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