Oklahoma State Week: Wed. Practice Report

ATHENS - Georgia held a noisy 90-minute workout at Sanford Stadium Wednesday in preparation for the season opener with ninth-ranked Oklahoma State.

For about 45 minutes of the session, the Bulldogs practiced portions of their game plan with near deafening crowd noise pumping out of the stadium speakers.

"It was the first of two dress rehearsals, and it was not super sharp," said Richt. "It was not horrible, but I'm thankful we have a day to review."

Richt announced that approximately 72 players would be making the trip to Oklahoma State, and it was unlikely that sophomore tailback Caleb King and junior defensive end Kiante Tripp would be going due to injuries. King has been hampered by a hamstring injury while Tripp has a "stinger," according to Richt who said he is hopeful both will be available for game two of the season against South Carolina.

Georgia will alter its practice schedule for the remainder of the season starting Sunday. In Richt's previous eight seasons, the Bulldogs took Sunday off and practiced the rest of the week leading up to each game. Now, the Bulldogs will practice on Sunday and take Monday off and then resume workouts on Tuesday.

"I've considered it a lot of times, and we're going to give it a try, and I think the players will like it," said Richt. "A lot of teams do it, and it's actually based on the NFL model."

The new Sunday schedule will afford everyone an opportunity to attend church, have lunch and then a two-hour academic session, which will start at 2 p.m. The student-athletes will have treatment from 4-5 p.m. and then dinner. At 6 p.m., meetings will start followed by a strength and conditioning session. After a break, the team will practice approximately 40 minutes.

"For the players now on Monday, they can devote the whole day to academics, there will be no lifting, no running and no meetings," said Richt. "The rest of the week will be our normal schedule that we've been doing."

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