UGA commits react to loss

What do some of the Georgia commitments think about the loss to Oklahoma State? Does it effect their commitment? Find out here.

The Dawgs dropped their season opener over the weekend. Oklahoma State defeated Georgia 24-10 in Stillwater and some of the future Bulldogs react to the loss here.

Brent Benedict: "The loss did not effect my decision and I'm still excited to play at the University of Georgia. Everyone knew it was going to be a close game between two ranked teams."

Michael Bennett: "I didn't expect the loss. I knew it would be a hard game for the Bulldogs but I'm never going to expect them to lose a game. It doesn't effect my decision at all. You win some, you lose some. At least we scheduled a hard non-conference game and not an easy team. This game will probably help us in the long run. I'm still very excited about being a Bulldog. We still have a long season to play and I'm excited to see what UGA is going to do in the SEC."

Brandon Burrows: "I didn't expect the loss but most losses are unexpected anyways. This definitely does not effect my decision in any way, shape, or form. Along with that, I am still very excited to be a Bulldog."

B.J. Butler: "It was a good game, but I thought there were a lot of bad calls that went against us. Georgia should have won the game and losing the game doesn't change my mind about Georgia at all. I am still going there."

Jakar Hamilton: "I still think we are the bettr team. I know we will pick it up and win again, but I think the refs made a few bad calls and it really hurt us. We will get it back together though. I am 100 percent committed to Georgia and the loss means nothing to me."

Kolton Houston: "I thought they played really hard and it was a good game. I won't change my mind on Georgia no matter what. I can't wait to start in January in Athens."

Alec Ogletree: "I was kind of disapointed that they lost. Georgia got a few bad calls but they dropped a lot of interceptions and gave up some big plays too. It doesnt really have an effect on my commitment though. Hopefully they can fix what went wrong Saturday and have a better game this week against South Carolina.

Nickell Robey: "I am disappointed that we lost and I was kind of celebrating early after we scored the first touchdown. I kind of expected to win the game, but I am Georgia all the way. I don't care about the loss - I 100 percent Georgia."

Garrison Smith: "I did not expect a loss and no it does not change my mind. They played hard and got after it. They dished out some hard hits but you cant win all the games. That is just a part of life. You win some and you lose some. Oklahoma State is a pretty good team so it is very good to get some good competition to start your season off. Im still very excited about my commitment to Georgia."

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