Top GA LB struggling with decision

<b>Dana Graydon</b> is really struggling with the decision between his long time favorite and his home state school that is emerging as a national title contender.

Dana Graydon was close to committing to Georgia a week ago. If the decision had to be between anyone other than his longtime favorite FSU, he probably would have pulled the trigger by now. But growing up and FSU fan, he is really struggling with his final decision, because Georgia has really made an impact on him.

"Right now, I'm just trying to weigh the options. On one hand, you have Bobby Bowden. He's had a legacy of winning games. That's the guy that's won more games than just about anyone else in football, While he was winning though, he had Mark Richt. As soon as Mark Richt leaves, he's competing for a national title at Georgia, and they haven't done that in like 20 years. Was Richt the key element of FSU and the winning? Is he going to set up a powerhouse at Georgia right now? That's really what I'm still debating back and forth. I should make my final decision the week of signing day. I'm not looking at anyone else right now. I've got it down to two perfect schools, and it's just a hard decision to make."

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