Students Getting After It in Sanford

ATHENS – I have never thought of Sanford Stadium as a place that is loud.

For the record I still don't.

Still, the new ticket policy, or first-come-first-served for the students, is money. For too long, and I put my time at Georgia in this, too, students have not been nuts at home football games (by the way – dudes in the Speedos on the front row – let's rethink that fashion decision; that's not what I meant by nuts). I think that changed this Saturday. I was, and have become more impressed with the student section over the last few years – good job y'all.

As usual I got to the game pretty early. I was totally stunned to see the student section near the band jammed. I should stop and emphasize once more how lackluster I feel like the student section was when I was at Georgia near the turn of the century. Obviously the product on the field wasn't what it has been during the Mark Richt era, but it was Georgia football.

Back then the student section was lame. Maybe it is lame now; I wouldn't know. I do know that now it is crowded. Now it feels louder. Now the students are there before the team gets out on the field – you know the way it is at other big-time schools. The students are holding up to their end of the bargain.

That takes me to the Greeks… I am still holding out hope for y'all to make a kickoff, but I am not holding my breath. Get on board… guys – slam that last shot of Jager; ladies – crush out that last cigarette, and make your way in to the game. I get it – guys have on ties and the ladies have on heels – you will still look good before kickoff. Leave earlier and get to the game on time.

I have been to dozens of football stadiums, and I am on the field for every game, and I've never had a problem talking to the person next to me in Sanford Stadium, but I will say the student section is doing its part. Y'all are only going to be at Georgia for the next four to six years; there are only so many big games a year; keep bringing it from the student section because it matters.

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