Arkansas Week: Wednesday News and Notes

ATHENS - David Hale's news and notes from Georgia's fall practices.


Senior defensive tackles Geno Atkins and Jeff Owens saw plenty of action at an unfamiliar position in Georgia's first two games, but their experiment at defensive end might be coming to an end.

With the return of Justin Houston from a two-game suspension, Richt said he didn't expect the Bulldogs would need to use Atkins or Owens, who totaled around 50 reps at end during the first two games, to work off the edge as much going forward.

"I doubt we see them much out there," Richt said, "but it depends on how the game goes."

Atkins said he didn't mind the transition, but he said he'll be happy to get back to doing what he does best and leaving the surprisingly tough task of defensive end to the players who've been doing it a bit longer.

"I had to keep the contain, look for the reverse and focus my eyes on the quarterback to see if he takes it and runs with it or gives it to the running back," Atkins said. "Now I know what the D ends are going through because they've got so much responsibility."


After missing last week's game against South Carolina with a hamstring injury, linebacker Nick Williams said he'll be available for duty this week.

"It's good now," Williams said. "I'm back."

Williams said the injury occurred in Georgia's first game against Oklahoma State when he was jamming receiver Dez Bryant and felt a pull, and he immediately knew it was his fault he was hurt.

"I'm bad at stretching," Williams said. "I never did it in high school, so they've had me on a strict stretching program now."


At 6-foot-7, Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett will be one of the biggest targets Georgia's defense has faced in a while, but Rennie Curran said he's not too concerned.

Curran said the biggest quarterback he could remember facing previously was Kentucky's Andre Woodson, who was 6-5, in 2007.

In that game, Georgia had five sacks, which reinforced Curran's philosophy about big quarterbacks.

"They're all the same to me," Curran said. "They all throw the ball, they just fall harder than others."

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