Southern Football Predictions

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

North Texas (+32) at Alabama
Straight Up: Alabama
Against the Spread: Alabama
Comment: Tide turns it on to cover...

Georgia (PK) at Arkansas
Straight Up: Arkansas
Against the Spread: Arkansas
Comment: Dawgs too inconsistent for me right now...

West Virginia (+4.5) at Auburn
Straight Up: Auburn
Against the Spread: Auburn
Comment: Tigers score more this year...

Tennessee (+25) at Florida
Straight Up: Florida
Against the Spread: Florida
Comment: Tim Tebow gets hurt going for it on fourth and one while the Gators are up 35 in the fourth...

Louisville (+12) at Kentucky
Straight Up: Kentucky
Against the Spread: Kentucky
Comment: The Cats have momentum in this series...

Louisiana Lafayette (+32) at LSU
Straight Up: LSU
Against the Spread: LSU
Comment: Auburn for the Tigers next week...

SE Louisiana (NL) at Ole Miss
Straight Up: Ole Miss
Against the Spread: NL
Comment: Rebs need to get ready for Cocks

Mississippi State (+8) at Vanderbilt
Straight Up: Vanderbilt
Against the Spread: Vanderbilt
Comment: Vandy is much better - so prove it...

Florida Atlantic (+17.5) at South Carolina
Straight Up: South Carolina
Against the Spread: South Carolina
Comment: Carolina scores too many...

Boston College (+6.5) at Clemson
Straight Up: Clemson
Against the Spread: Clemson
Comment: Tigers, unless they pull their annual "lose-a-game-we shouldn't" thing...

Duke (+20.5) at Kansas
Straight Up: Kansas
Against the Spread: Kansas
Comment: Duke is not good...

East Carolina (+10) at North Carolina
Straight Up: North Carolina
Against the Spread: East Carolina
Comment: Picking the road dog is much easier in the unstable ACC...

Middle Tennessee (+10) at Maryland
Straight Up: MTSU
Against the Spread: MTSU
Comment: Blue Raiders... Coaching genius...

Nebraska (+3.5) at Virginia Tech
Straight Up: Virginia Tech
Against the Spread: Nebraska
Comment: Again, the road dog...

Virginia (+14.5) at Southern Miss
Straight Up: Southern Miss
Against the Spread: Virginia
Comment: Ugly... Maybe dude on the horse at Virginia will fall off the horse again this week; that cracked me up...

Gardner-Webb (NL) at NC State
Straight Up: NC State
Against the Spread: No Line
Comment: Was Elon not available?

Elon (NL) at Wake Forest
Straight Up: Wake Forest
Against the Spread: NA
Comment: Was Erskine not available?

Florida State (+6.5) at BYU
Straight Up: BYU
Against the Spread: FSU
Comment: My how the mighty have fallen... hard.

LOCK OF THE WEEK South Carolina (-17.5) OVER Florida Atlantic
Comment: Cocks score in droves...

Straight up: 29 of 37 or 78% (SEC Picks Straight up: 14 of 17 or 82%)
ATS: 10 of 24 or 42% (ACC is crushing my dreams of a 65% season - I hate you John Swafford)
Lock of the Week: 2 of 2 or 100%

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