Southern Football Predictions

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

North Carolina (+3.5) at Georgia Tech
Straight Up: North Carolina
Against the Spread: North Carolina
Comment: Tech has to show me something...

Yeah, I remember when this guy was supposed to be a genius, too...

South Florida (+12) at Florida State
Straight Up: FSU
Against the Spread: South Florida
Comment: Noles come back to Earth...

Wake Forest (+2) at Boston College
Straight Up: Boston College
Against the Spread: Boston College
Comment: Is Riley Skinner still the QB? How old is he now?

Pitt (+1.5) at NC State
Straight Up: Pitt
Against the Spread: Pitt
Comment: Ugly, Ugly, Ugly...

Rutgers (+2.5) at Maryland
Straight Up: Rutgers
Against the Spread: Rutgers
Comment: Remember when these two programs were the future of college football? Yeah, that was funny...

TCU (+1.5) at Clemson
Straight Up: Clemson
Against the Spread: Clemson
Comment: Tigers get ranked after the defense saves them again...

North Carolina Central (No Line) at Duke
Straight Up: Duke
Against the Spread: No Line
Comment: Really?

Ole Miss' cheerleaders are overrated - Legge says go with the chicks from LSU or Arkansas...

Ole Miss (-3.5) at South Carolina
Straight Up: Ole Miss
Against the Spread: South Carolina
Comment: The Rebels are not the #4 team in the nation; South Carolina won't win a big game...

Mississippi State (+15) at LSU
Straight Up: LSU
Against the Spread: Mississippi State
Comment: State will score enough to cover the line...

Florida (-21) at Kentucky
Straight Up: Florida
Against the Spread: Kentucky
Comment: I thought the Gators were better...

Arizona State (+13) at Georgia
Straight Up: Georgia
Against the Spread: Georgia
Comment: Georgia covers the line at home by scoring a more than the national debt...

Ball State (+27) at Auburn
Straight Up: Auburn
Against the Spread: Auburn
Comment: Tigers cover the line with turnovers and such...

Vanderbilt (-11) at Rice
Straight Up: Vandy
Against the Spread: Rice
Comment: Vandy wins, but I'm not picking anyone to cover on the road after a loss to Mississippi State - sorry...

Ohio (+21) at Tennessee
Straight Up: Tennessee
Against the Spread: Ohio
Comment: Vols win 21-3 with a defensive touchdown...

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