The Battle is On in Georgia

Who is the top senior in Georgia? Scout has been out to evaluate the best live early in the year and you can get the latest here.

Within the first few weeks of the 2009 season in the state of Georgia, the pre-season top six prospects have been evaluated live. When rankings are updated in the near future, will they stay in the same order? Find out Scout's thoughts on the cream of the crop in Georgia here.

Review: The Best in Georgia
Alec Ogletree – 6-3/215 – S – Newnan
Live Game Evaluation: vs. LaGrange -
Reviewed 2009 Film: vs. Whitewater

Early Season Impression: The biggest difference in Ogletree this year from years past is how vocal he is. He has always been a leader, but more by example than vocally. This year he is playing on both sides of the ball and he is not afraid to rally his troops or call out his teammates by mouth. As a player, he is off to a very good start. He still delivers a pop when he makes a tackle and he is now running through defenders when he catches passes at wide receiver. He closes on the ball very well and he does a good job of reading the quarterbacks when in coverage. He can still work on the angles he takes when coming in for a tackle and making sure he wraps up his opponents as well. He plays with great speed, he has shown great range, he has shown why he entered the 2009 season as the top player in Georgia.

Rankings: No. 1 prospect in Ga., No. 2 S in country, No. 12 prospect in country
Stock Report: EVEN
Recruiting: Committed to Georgia

Garrison Smith – 6-3/255 – DL – Douglass
Live Game Evaluation: vs. East Paulding -
Reviewed 2009 Film: vs. Chamblee

Early Season Impression: Smith is playing as hard as he ever has this season and it shows because the talent around him is not that good. He has kept Douglass in a couple of games because of his leadership and play on defense. Smith is the total package on the defensive line. He has shown more energy this year and he has played well against the run and the pass. He has moved around from defensive end to defensive tackle and teams are running away from him and double-teaming him. He still needs to work on consistency when firing off the ball, but he is explosive, he has a very good first step, and he changes direction extremely well. It would be easy for him to get frustrated and check out of games at times, but he has stayed focused, made plays when they were there to make, and shown why he israted where he is. He is a very athletic defensive lineman with a lot of upside once he gets bigger, stronger, and settles in at defensive tackle.

Rankings: No. 2 prospect in Ga., No. 1 DT in country, No. 17 prospect in country
Stock Report: SLIGHTLY UP
Recruiting: Committed to Georgia

Mack Brown – 5-11/191 – RB – M.L.K.
Live Game Evaluation: vs. Southwest Dekalb -
Reviewed 2009 Film: vs. North Cobb

Early Season Impression: Brown is an exciting running back that has great feet, excellent balance, and great speed. His numbers against Southwest Dekalb were not great, but some of his runs in that game showed his quickness, his lateral movement, and his ability to hit a hole quickly when it opens up. There is no question that Brown is best when he has space to move in and the opportunity to make guys miss. He does run with a more natural body lean going forward so that helps, but he needs to work on yards after contact, grinding his legs through tacklers, and running with better pad level. He is a back that has the ability to take the ball to the house from anywhere on the field, he is shifty, and he still has not reached his full potential. .

Rankings: No. 3 prospect in Ga., No. 4 RB in country, No. 42 prospect in country
Stock Report: EVEN
Recruiting: Committed to Florida

Da' Rick Rogers – 6-3/208 – WR – Calhoun
Live Game Evaluation: vs. Cartersville -
Reviewed 2009 Film: vs. Dalton -

Early Season Impression: Rogers has always been an elite athlete and it looks like he is taking that to the football field in 2009. It is all kind of coming together for Rogers and he is showing that explosiveness in the pads that he has shown in shorts for years. He has really taken his game to another level this year through the first three games. He is catching the ball better, he is showing better acceleration, and he is running away from people more. As a junior he would get covered at times by average corners that should not be able to hang with him, but he is taking over games, he has shown he is always a big play threat when the ball is thrown his way, and he has become a more complete football player. Even his blocking has improved. He still needs to stay focused when in the game and he can still work on his route running, but he will play as a freshman at UGA and he has the skills to make a big impact.

Rankings: No. 4 prospect in Ga., No. 11 WR in country, No. 53 prospect in country
Stock Report: UP
Recruiting: Committed to Georgia

T.J. Stripling – 6-6/215 – DE – Southwest Dekalb
Live Game Evaluation: vs. M.L.K. -
Reviewed 2009 Film: N/A

Early Season Impression: Stripling is a pass rush specialist. His biggest strengths is getting after the quarterback and pursuing the football. He may be the fastest defensive lineman in the country when in open space chasing down the ball. He is a weakside rush end all the way with great quickness, good length, and a nice spin move. He is also athletic enough to drop back in coverage. What he really needs to work on is strength, adding weight, and taking on blockers head on. He has a hard time shedding blockers when the play is headed right at him. Adding weight and getting his pads lower will help with that. He is still new to the game as he grew up a basketball player and playing defensive end is something he has only done for two years. How far he can go depends on how he develops physically. If he can get up to 240-250 pounds then he will be All SEC at Georgia. He is playing around 210 pounds right now so time will only tell. Size and playing the run are the biggest concerns. He has shown flashes of greatness when coming from the backside, but he has been handled when the ball is ran right at him.

Rankings: No. 5 prospect in Ga., No. 12 DE in country, No. 66 prospect in country
Recruiting: Committed to Georgia

JaWuan James – 6-6/285 – OT – North Gwinnett
Live Game Evaluation: vs. Prattville -
Reviewed 2009 Film: vs. Brookwood

Early Season Impression: James had a very strong off-season and it has shown early on. He has added muscle, trimmed his body fat, and he has played with a little more aggressiveness. There are still times that he needs to go until the whistle blows and try to finish his opponent off, but he has really shown more strength and toughness in 2009. His size, length, and feet are still his biggest strengths and is that prototypical left tackle with those attributes. He has great mobility, he has a nice slide kick, and really keeps defensive ends off his quarterback. His punch can improve and he can work on keeping that outside arm free when setting the pocket. Overall James is off to a good start this season. He needs to play with more of an attitude though. If he plays with a chip on his shoulder then he could take his game to another level. He is great is pass protection, he has improved his run blocking, and he has a very high ceiling if he continues to work hard.

Rankings: No. 6 prospect in Ga., No. 12 OT in country, No. 82 prospect in country
Stock Report: EVEN
Recruiting: De-Committed from Alabama and now open

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