Holden ready to make a splash in Athens

David Johnson recruited Holden for Georgia. Holden said that phone conversations with Johnson were about his future at Georgia.

"I went with Georgia because when I visited Athens for the Tech game I really liked it," said Trahern Holden. But that was not the only reason according to Holden. "My parents were worried about where I decided to go to school. But my mom attended Georgia," he said acknowledging a familiarity with the school.

Even more than his mother graduating from Georgia, Holden said that one of Mark Richt's ideas made him want to be a Bulldog. "What sold me was the Dawg Walk," he said.

After going through the Dawg Walk Holden said that the fans in the stadium overwhelmed him. "I was up in the crowd and they were supporting the team. I never realized how many people were in the stadium and to hear them scream for Georgia impressed me," he said.

David Johnson recruited Holden for Georgia. Holden said that their phone conversations were about his future at Georgia. "He told me about the plans that they have for me and about the academics there," said Holden.

Academically, Holden is shooting for the stars. "I am going to try for biomedical engineering as a major," he said. Holden is not concerned with the degree of difficulty that his major could bring. He said that he met with some of the professors and that he felt comfortable with that as his major. "Plus they have got some good tutors," he added.

And on the question of playing time?

"Coach Richt told me 'Come in here and work and you'll get the chance to play'", said Holden.

Holden said that Richt most recently visited him in home last Monday. "He visited me on MLK and he got to know my parents," said Holden.

But much of the discussion was not about the gridiron. "They didn't talk about football too much. (Richt) talked about his life, his children, golfing, about the way that he eats, and all sorts of regular stuff," said Holden.

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