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ATHENS – The five players at Georgia who can take the load off A.J. Green.

Sure, A.J. Green can win football games by himself... did you watch the Arizona State game? But I've been saying all season long that it doesn't have to be as hard to win as the Bulldogs are making it on themselves... here are a few of the players who can help take some work off A.J. Green, and make games easier to win for Georgia...

Orson Charles may be asked to do more as the season moves on.

5. Orson Charles – A playmaker, which is obvious from his nearly 21 yards per catch, Charles has only been thrown the ball seven times. Because he is a true freshman there is a chance Charles will be asked to do more as the season goes on. Still, the Arizona State game was the first game where Charles didn't make a big play. If Georgia wants to top LSU this weekend they will need to use Charles against the LSU linebackers; he is much faster and has better ball skills than the Tiger linebackers. That mismatch could be made even more slanted toward the Dawgs if LSU decided to shade a safety over the top of Green the entire game. That slide over by the defense should be enough for Charles to get one-on-one against a linebacker in the middle of the field, and that should result in a big play or two.

4. Tavarres King – The third receiver for the Dawgs, King had a good performance against Arkansas, but it could have been even bigger without a dropped pass. King is averaging 14 yards a reception, and if Georgia is going to be an explosive offense the way it has shown in two of the games this season, King has to be a part of the formula. He's catching about two passes per game – that needs to be more. He needs to grab about four passes a game for Georgia to be more dangerous and diverse. I am expecting more from King because I think he's yet to reach his potential. When he does the offense will have another weapon to consider.

The leader of the Dawgs needs to continue distribute the ball to as many as possible.

3. Joe Cox – A.J. Green doesn't have to catch every big pass, but he does make it easier on a quarterback… just ask Cox. The mistake of the Oklahoma State game plan on offense is that it was far too conservative. Depending on Richard Samuel and A.J. Green alone is not a sufficient game plan. Changes have been made, and since that game Georgia has been averaging 38 points a game. They have also mixed up much more on offense. In the Oklahoma State game it seemed that Green was the only receiving target – even though Moore scored the only touchdown of the game. Georgia wasn't mixing it up enough in the air. Only one Georgia receiver had more than six yards receiving against Oklahoma State - Green. The tight ends had 46 and 12 yards, but receivers not named A.J. Green combined for ten yards… not good enough. Since that time Green has remained the primary target, but Cox and company have mixed it up more. Against Carolina, the other receivers had 50 yards; Against Arkansas they had 155; Against Arizona State they had 62. If Georgia wants to compete for the SEC title the receivers are going to have to play even better, and continue to catch their fair share of footballs. It can be the A.J. Green show, but other players have to be the co-stars, too, and Cox has to get it to them.

2. Mike Moore – The Florida native had his best game of the season when Arkansas tried their best to take Green out of the game. Moore ended that game with six catches for 91 yards. He was too much to ignore, as it turned out, and the Hogs went away from certain coverages to try to stop the bleeding from Moore and others. When they shifted Joe Cox found Green and slammed the Hogs by throwing touchdowns to the sophomore. Moore, as he has shown in the last five games, has the ability to be a difference maker for the Bulldogs. He's not as good a receiver as Green is, but there are very few players in the nation who can do what Green can. What Moore needs to do is settle into the spots where he can make a difference and take what is given to him by the defense. That alone should make a defense account for him more.

Legge is waiting for King to explode on an opponent.

1. Caleb King/Richard Samuel - Georgia is, has always been, and will continue to be a play-action offense. That's why they line up in the I formation. The Bulldogs can fake a handoff to pull the back seven of the defense up, and then take advantage of players like A.J. Green over the top - a pretty basic football principle. If Caleb King or Richard Samuel get going against the Tigers, the day will be much easier for Green. If Georgia has the ability to run the ball, the pass will be made that much easier. As soon as Samuel took off for his 80-yard jog against Arkansas that game changed. The Hogs were effective against the Georgia run, but were forced to change the way they thought of the Georgia run from that point forward. That's just what Georgia's backs need to do – be relevant. The Tigers have allowed at least 100 yards a game on the ground in all four of their opening games. King and Samuel should expect at least that, too. Doing that will make Green's day easier, and will likely result in a win.

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