Gary Danielson Breaks Down LSU-Georgia

ATHENS - CBS College Football Analyst Gary Danielson breaks down Georgia's fight with LSU.

(On LSU-Georgia): LSU-Georgia is one of the seven or eight big games being played in the SEC this year that will determine the championship. Both teams with a victory can really look forward as being a legitimate contender in the conference. This game gives us some insight as to who is going to be in the hunt at the end of the year. The loser is not eliminated, but the winner sure is looking and feeling good where its headed.

(On Offensives Lines): Both teams really need their offensive lines to come through. LSU has had trouble running the ball. Georgia is having trouble running the ball. They both have rather young quarterbacks and they don't want to put the pressure on them. If they can get a good game from their offensive line they can win the game.

(On Green vs. Jones): We have two of the most exciting players in the league facing off against each other. As good as the Tim Tebow-Eric Berry match-up was, A.J. Green, the wide receiver from Georgia, and Chad Jones, the safety from LSU, are two game breakers in the Southeastern Conference, for that matter, the whole country. They both basically won a game for their team this year. Someone in that match-up is going to make a big play and it will be fascinating to watch them throughout the game

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