I thought I was going to be hailed as a genius last Thursday. I predicted Ole Miss would score on a game-ending drive to eke out a win over the Gamecocks. There weren't more than a handful of people who thought it wasn't going to happen when Mississippi started the their final possession trailing 16-10, but Ole Miss discovered what Vandy fans have known for years:...


LAST WEEK (7-1)-----OVERALL (29-6)

...No matter how good your quarterback is, he can't throw completions with defensive linemen hanging all over him.

Alabama @ Kentucky – Another ugly day for the wildcats looms. Alabama will be wanting to beat them worse than Florida did, and they may have the personnel to do it. Alabama 42 – Mildcats 13.

LSU @ Georgia – Georgia could easily be 0-4 instead of 3-1. They have played poorly, but found a way to win. No more. Bengals 27 – Bulldogs 12.

South Carolina State @ South Carolina – I'll be surprised if SCSU manages to score against the Chickens. But the Gamecocks may not score a lot, either. Could be an interesting game. SC 15 – SCSU 0

Georgia Tech @ Mississippi State – Mississippi State has made gigantic strides as a football team this year. A stumble of two, however, is in order. After letting LSU get away last week, a letdown is due. Ramblin' Wreck 28 – MSU 13

Arkansas @ Texas A&M – No doubt about it, Texas A & M has the best marching band. Close-order drill while playing real band music, not circle drills and dancing girls. They've also got a pretty good football team. Better than Arkansas's anyway. A & M 31 – Pigs 20.

Auburn @ UTK – Auburn has found a way to score. Tennessee is still looking. UTK must try to pass the ball at least a little bit, and with Crompton at the controls, anything can happen. At least the foot-in-mouth disease has been transferred to Bruce Pearl for the time being. UTK's home field will be too much for the Plainsmen. UTK 27 – War Eagles 24

Mississippi @ Vanderbilt – To say that VU's corps of experienced receivers has been decimated by injury is to vastly understate the reality. Bobby Johnson would be happy to have only lost only one of 10. Other positions have not fared much better. Although Mississippi has been exposed as a middle of the pack (at best) SEC team, they should be able to muster enough points to outscore VU's depleted offense. Mississippi 20 – VU 13.

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