Peake Embraces Georgia's Atmosphere

ATHENS - Charon Peake is getting used to Georgia's tight ballgames.

Then again most recruits going to the Bulldogs' home games have been treated to barnburners. Still, the wide receiver is one of the top targets on Georgia's 2001 board, and his recruitment is an important one.

"It was a great atmosphere," Peake said. "It was a better atmosphere than the South Carolina-Georgia game earlier this year."

Peake said he wasn't sure if he would go on another visit to Georgia or Clemson this season – adding that he'd not yet made plans that far in advance. The Bulldogs don't play a home game for nearly a month.

The Dawgs made clear to Peake just how interested they are in him playing in red and black in the future.

"Coach Richt let me know that I am one of the top guys they are looking at in this class," he said. "I want to go to a place that wants and needs me. Clemson probably needs me more right now. I really liked hearing what Coach Richt said. It is something that I wanted to hear and know."

Peake has visited Georgia twice and also taken in Clemson and Florida. Right now the Tigers and Dawgs are neck-and-neck for him. Distance seems to be a factor for the South Carolina native.

"Georgia is a close to home, but it also is an SEC school. Playing in the SEC could be a big thing, but I am not sure about that part yet," Peake, who is soft spoken, said.

Georgia's coaching staff has driven home to the prospect that his time at Georgia will be about more than just football. Peake said he was glad they were interested in him being more than just a player for them.

"Coach Ball talks about things other than just football. I would like to go to a place where I am comfortable. He just let me know that we would have a good relationship, and that's not going to nothing but football up there. I am not going to be mistreated," he said.

Still, the decision between the two old rivals will be difficult for Peake. He calls them "a lot alike."

He does see, however, that Georgia's most impressive player is from his home state, and he admits that is something hard to forget.

"A.J. Green - he really made a bunch of great catches," Peake said. "The Georgia coaches keep reminding me that he's from South Carolina, too."

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