Vaughters Looking for the Little Things

ATHENS – James Vaughters is looking for the little things.

You would too if you'd been to Athens as many times as the Tucker prospect. On what he guessed was his sixth trip to Georgia, Vaughters said he was looking for what college like would be like without football.

"I like going to the games and seeing where I could be in a few years," he said. "Schools like Georgia, USC and Florida they are all great choices. But I am thinking about it like this: If there were not 100,000 people here would I really want to be there? I would love to play at those places, but I am looking at the little things. I am narrowing it down in my head."

Vaughters had time during the contest to visit with some teammates of his who joined him on the visit.

"I got to spend some time with some of my teammates," he said. "The offense wasn't that great in the first half, but they picked it up in the second."

When asked about the differences in Georgia and some of the other programs he has visited Vaughters named a few.

"There were a lot of people there to see that game," he said. "Ohio State seats a few more people and they were yelling every down. We went to Georgia Tech last week, and it was different."

He said recruiting has been something he's gotten used to – something very different than what he was thinking about two years ago.

"I am getting more and more attention," he said. "I didn't know about all of this in 9th grade. I didn't know how my size and speed would work out for me then. I have developed and worked a lot on everything, too. "

The Bulldogs seem to be a solid suitor for Vaughters, too. He appreciated the Dawgs' efforts on Saturday. He said he was impressed with how Georgia worked on gameday.

"The thing about Georgia is that it seems to be a lot more organized than other places," Vaughters said. "They give you a guide and treat you like they should. I talked with Coach Jancek. He was just checking up on me with my grades and my wrist. We talked with Coach Richt about all of the changes going on a Tucker."

Vaughter's high school is being rebuilt, and he recently returned to action on the gridiron with a cast on his wrist.

But in the near future, he said he's interested in narrowing down his list – by looking at the little things.

"When you think about schools that win… that starts narrowing it down a little bit. Then when you start thinking about college. You have to think about what it will be like when no one is around – the little things," he said.

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