The Letter Adams & Evans Should Send the SEC

ATHENS – Dean Legge writes the letter that Mike Adams and Damon Evans should send to SEC Commissioner Mike Slive today.

Mike Slive
Southeastern Conference
2201 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd. North
Birmingham, AL

October 5, 2009


We are writing today to express or disappointment with officiating in the conference's football of late – specifically Georgia's last two games. While we are acutely aware that SEC officials are not that good to begin... some of the calls the last two weeks have been stunning.

As you know, Georgia fell to LSU on Saturday. This complaint has nothing to do with LSU. However, if we didn't know any better we would have thought the officials were doing their best to find anything to throw a flag on A.J. Green after a go-ahead touchdown with little time remaining in the contest.

We have reviewed the television copy of the game and have spent time discussing the incident with our student-athlete as well as our head coach Mark Richt. We remain puzzled as to the reason a 15-yard personal foul penalty was called on the play. Green was not drawing attention to himself, and didn't say anything to anyone. In fact, he went directly to his teammates after the score. Is there a reason the flag was thrown? I realize Georgia only had five penalties for 39 yards (one of which was another suspect personal foul call by your crew) at that moment. Was the flag an attempt to help Georgia meet its penalties-per-game average? (Usually we have that one under control all by ourselves).

It amazes us that SEC officials could call be so inconsistent regarding personal foul penalties. An obvious personal foul face mask penalty on Arizona State was ignored by the officials a week ago in the closing moments of the game. Even worse, when an official was shoved by a Sun Devil the penalty was not called. We don't understand: Our student-athletes are not allowed to run to one another after a touchdown, but the opposition is permitted to pull face masks and shove officials? Please forward us the legislation which allows these actions as we didn't get that particular memo in the off-season. If those things are legal we would have liked to take advantage of the shoving the officials clause after the ridiculous personal foul penalty on Saturday.

It is stunning to us the officials could be so incompetent at such important times during the game. As you know this is not the first time SEC officials have been a sore subject in Athens – witness the 1999 Georgia Tech game, which was stolen from our program. The names Al Ford and Penn Wagers are like a cuss words around here.

Get on the ball Commissioner – or at least get some officials that understand what a ball is. Winning an SEC football game is difficult enough without the abnormally poor officiating common in the SEC.


Michael Adams & Damon Evans
University of Georgia

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