Mitchell Very Impressed with Georgia

ATHENS – Terrence Mitchell doesn't have much to compare with his trip to Georgia.

After all, the Tampa native hasn't been on any other official visits other than the one he took over the weekend to Athens. That visit, however, has put Georgia high on his list – perhaps a little higher than he'd suspected.

"It was nice," he said. "I really liked it a lot. It was straight. We went to the game first and then went out to eat. We met the coaches. I also got to talk with the track coach and to the academic people."

Mitchell is familiar with some of the players at Georgia already, but connected with new ones as well as the Dawgs' coaching staff over the weekend.

"I got along with the coaches real well – Coach Richt and Martinez. I hung out with Branden Smith, Prince Miller and Bryan Evans – and A.J. Green sometimes," he said. "They were answering every question I had. They were saying that they don't have a lot of depth at corner and that they need help there. I've known Orson for a while. We talked about the school and last year when we played. We talked a lot."

The Bulldogs are eager to sign a top-notch cornerback for the 2010 class. If this weekend is any indication, Mitchell liked what he saw and is thinking about Georgia hard.

"The whole atmosphere made me think about going there," he said. "I didn't expect everyone to be so cool. If you are going to come in and play as a freshman you are going to be taking playing time from other guys. Even thought you are going to try to take someone's spot – they were still cool."

Mitchell spent time with one true freshman who has lined up a lot for the Bulldogs this season.

"Branden was telling me that he was a true freshman, and that he was getting a lot of playing time," Mitchell said. "He was saying that if I was to come that I would play. They don't have much depth at corner. He told me, too, to take my time with recruiting. He wanted me to make the right decision and choices."

Mitchell will take his time during the recruiting process, he said, and will take a look around as some other schools, too.

"That was my first official visit, so I don't know what it is like at other places," Mitchell said. "I am going to go to Tennessee, Florida and North Carolina."

Those schools will have to do well to compete with the weekend Mitchell had at Georgia, he said.

"Everyone was telling me that I was going to have fun, but I didn't expect to get along with everyone so well," he said.

Still, the relationships formed on recruiting trips will be only one part of his formula for picking a school.

"Academics are very important to me, and Georgia spent time telling me all about that. I know I can't play football forever. Academics are going to be first for me, then playing time, and then the location. I can't go to the country. I really had a good time. Athens was not country."

"I have their numbers and they told me to call them if I had any questions," Mitchell said.

When the current Dawgs get that call they may ask Mitchell a question: "When are you ready to commit to Georgia?"

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