Ask the Expert: What is a Soft Commit?

What is a Soft Commit? What do Georgia's OL commits bring to the table? What is Georgia's biggest recruiting draw?

Talk about Georgia's two committed offensive linemen. What do each of them bring to the table?

Georgia has to be excited about both Brent Benedict and Kolton Houston. Both are tough, both are athletic, both are versatile, and both are football players. They both have a lot of upside on the college level because of their size, feet, strength, and determination. Benedict is the highest rated out of the two, but Houston is very good too. Houston has very good feet, good balance, and leg drive. He is best on the inside and I expect him to play guard at Georgia, but he could easily slide to tackle if needed. He reminds me a lot of Clint Boling - one of those guys that is smart and athletic with the size and skills to play any one of the five OL positions. Benedict is a tackle all the way at Georgia, but like Houston, he could slide inside if needed. He actually played some center in high school before moving to tackle. The most impressive thing about Brent is his power and just how he man-handles his opponent. He gets his hands locked in under the pads and drives them off the ball. He has very good feet as well and powerful hands. Georgia did an excellent job locking up the top offensive linemen in both Georgia and Florida this year.

What do recruits talk about as the biggest draw as far as visits to Georgia are concerned?

I probably hear the most about the way they can trust the coaches. They feel what Georgia tells them is the truth. Georgia is not known for telling guys they can come in and play right away unless they mean it. They told that to guys like A.J. Green, Orson Charles, Trinton Sturdivant, and some others, but they tell most they have to be ready to compete when they get there and that they will play the best. The laid back approach, the honestly, the relationships, and the way coaches make them feel relaxed is what I hear most. Of course the crowd, atmosphere, and all that are talked about as well, but the coaches get the most praise from recruits.

What, exactly, is a soft commitment?

In my eyes there is no real soft commitment. Either a kid is committed or he isn't. The majority of guys that commit early are committed, but guys wanting to take other visits, talk to other coaches, and see other schools are not truly committed. If a kid commits to one school and then says he wants to just check out one other place, but still has his commitment to locked in to the original school, then that is called a soft commitment. A commitment is something you put your all into and if a recruit is looking at another school, then he has not given any school his true commitment. Many soft commitments end up staying true to the original school, but some do turn and some schools cut that recruit loose because of him looking around. Soft commitment is just another word invented in the recruiting world, but college coaches do not like that word at all.

Brandon Burrows, not a player folks are talking about. What are the Dawgs getting in him?

There are still a lot of questions about Burrows because he is out with an injury this year. He is a strong athlete and that is very clear. It is hard to know just what size he will be when he gets to Athens next summer, but he was going into his senior year at around 6-3/235. He could end up at a number of positions because of size, athleticism, and versatility. He plays hard, he plays with energy, and he will give Georgia options to work with when he gets there. What exactly Georgia is getting in him though outside of what I have said is still unknown.

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