Southern Football Predictions

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

Boston College (+12) at Virginia Tech
Straight Up: Virginia Tech
Against the Spread: Boston College
Comment: BC is not good...

Georgia Southern (NL) at North Carolina
Straight Up: North Carolina
Against the Spread: No Line
Comment: Carolina could lose this game - yeah it is that bad...

Indiana (+6.5) at Virginia
Straight Up: Virginia
Against the Spread: Indiana
Comment: No clue on this one...

Maryland (+11.5) at Wake Forest
Straight Up: Wake Forest
Against the Spread: Wake Forest
Comment: No one knows anything in the wacky ACC...

FAMU (NL) at Miami
Straight Up: Miami
Against the Spread: No Line
Comment: Canes may just win the ACC...

Georgia Tech (+4.5) at Florida State
Straight Up: Georgia Tech
Against the Spread: Georgia Tech
Comment: Surely this line is incorrect...

Vanderbilt (-10) at Army
Straight Up: Vandy
Against the Spread: Vandy
Comment: Vandy should win this one...

Georgia (+1) at Tennessee
Straight Up: Georgia
Against the Spread: Georgia
Comment: Dawgs are better - a loss will mean a meltdown...

Kentucky (+13) at South Carolina
Straight Up: South Carolina
Against the Spread: Kentucky
Comment: Carolina should roll, but they can't...

Auburn (+1) at Arkansas
Straight Up: Arkansas
Against the Spread: Arkansas
Comment: This is an interesting one b/c we only know a little about both of these teams...

Alabama (-6.5) at Ole Miss
Straight Up: Alabama
Against the Spread: Alabama
Comment: Bama is the best team in the nation - too bad for Ole miss...

Houston (-4) at Mississippi State
Straight Up: Houston
Against the Spread: Houston
Comment: Houston shouldn't have a problem...

Florida (-8.5) at LSU
Straight Up: Florida
Against the Spread: Florida
Comment: Don't over-think Tebow or Florida - the Gators should still win...

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