Velasco has surprise visit from Richt

Velasco is getting ready to compete by working out every day.

Why did Fernando Velasco commit to the Georgia Bulldogs? "I committed early because I knew where I wanted to go. I just liked the situation at Georgia. I liked their athletics and academics," he said.

Velasco said that Coach Fabris "was something to talk to." He went on to say about Fabris: "He just talked about Georgia's need for offensive linemen. He told me that if I come in ready to compete I could play soon."

Velasco is getting ready to compete by working out every day. He said that he runs, lifts, sprints, and runs the bleachers at his high school stadium routinely.

"Coach Richt was here last Thursday," Velasco said,  "but he arrived too early." Normally that would not be a problem according to the prep star, but on this day Velasco had an appointment. "He came to the dentist office to visit me," said Velasco.

"I had a root canal and he was there in the lobby after the surgery," added Velasco. "It made it easier for me after the surgery because he was there. I felt no pain when they told me that he was in the lobby of the dentist's office," Velasco said.

Velasco said that the coaching staff impresses him. "Coach Garner knows how to talk to you. Coach Fabris is down to Earth and he shoots it straight and Coach Richt speaks for himself," he said.

"I am glad that I am going to get the chance to play for them."

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