Southern Football Predictions

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

Wake Forest (+6) at Clemson
Straight Up: Wake Forest
Against the Spread: Wake Forest
Comment: Man this Atlantic Division is horrible...

NC State (+2.5) at Boston College
Straight Up: Boston College
Against the Spread: NC State
Comment: Man this Atlantic Division is horrible...

Virginia (-4) at Maryland
Straight Up: Maryland
Against the Spread: Maryland
Comment: What I do now is close my eyes and flip a coin on ACC picks...

Virginia Tech (-3) at Georgia Tech
Straight Up: Virginia Tech
Against the Spread: Virginia Tech
Comment: Coastal (What, if anything, is coastal about rural Virginia and downtown Atlanta?) race ends in Atlanta; if not ACC is totally crazy...

Miami (-15) at Central Florida
Straight Up: Miami
Against the Spread: Miami
Comment: Canes working towards a Fiesta Bowl berth...

Georgia (-7) at Vanderbilt
Straight Up: Georgia
Against the Spread: Georgia
Comment: The world has not ended - yet...

Mississippi State (-3) at MTSU
Straight Up: Mississippi State
Against the Spread: Mississippi State
Comment: Probably the biggest game in the Nashville area...

UAB (+22) at Ole Miss
Straight Up: Ole Miss
Against the Spread: The Fighting Neal Callaways
Comment: Rebels are not very good...

Kentucky (+12) at Auburn
Straight Up: Auburn
Against the Spread: Kentucky
Comment: I know they lost their QB, but be careful Auburn - be careful...

South Carolina (-15) at Alabama
Straight Up: Alabama
Against the Spread: Alabama
Comment: Canes working towards a Fiesta Bowl berth...

Arkansas (+24) at Florida
Straight Up: Florida
Against the Spread: Arkansas
Comment: Watch it Gators... watch it...

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