Owens done in multiple ways

Andrew Jackson Head Coach Kevin Sullivan said, "Derek is done" Monday afternoon. What did he mean by that? Find out inside.

"Derek Owens is done," said Andrew Jackson Head Football Coach Kevin Sullivan. "He is done for the year because of the age rule in Florida."

"Derek played his last high school football game two weeks ago because he is now over the age limit of 19 years and nine months."

Sullivan said even though he is done on Friday nights that Owens is still part of the team.

"He is still a big part of our program and he is doing everything he can to help us get better. He is running scout team for us during the week, he is out there supporting from the sideline on Fridays, and he is still a big help."

"He just can't line up and play a ballgame for us anymore. We will miss him, but he is doing the best he can."

This news came as no shock to Sullivan. He knew the rule was in place and he was preparing to lose his top player.

"I knew this was how it would be since he stated playing for us in 9th grade. It is just the rule and we knew it was there. There was nothing we could do about it."

While playing for Andrew Jackson, the 5-foot-11, 185 pound athlete made a big impact. He lined up on both sides of the ball and made plays.

"Derek started 37 games for us over his career and he has been a big part of this program," stated Sullivan. "We have played him all over the field and he has worked hard for us."

"In just over half a season in 2009, he had five interceptions, a couple of touchdowns, and teams would usually try to stay away from his side of the field. He also averaged 38 yards per punt, so he was a weapon for us there too."

Now that Owens career is done at Andrew Jackson as a football player, he is focused on the next level.

The Sunshine State senior committed to Georgia over the summer and Sullivan said that is where he is going.

"Nothing needs ot be asked about his commitment because he is solid to Georgia, he is not talking to any other schools, and that is definitely where he is going."

"Florida has tried to call and get back in here with Derek, but he will not even talk to them. His mind is made up and he has been done with recruiting since the day he committed to Georgia."

The Dawgs are getting the all-time interception leader at Andrew Jackson with 20 and he plans to be in Athens next June.

Chad Simmons is the Recruiting Manager for the South Region and he can be reached at ChadSimmons@Scout.com.

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