Cox Happy Game is in Jax

Cox is making his first start in a Georgia-Florida game this season, and he's happy to be doing it in Jacksonville.


As far as the record books go, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is currently tied with former Georgia great Herschel Walker for the SEC's record for career rushing touchdowns, meaning the much-reviled Gators star could set the mark against Walker's old team this week. That doesn't exactly sit well with some of Georgia's players.

"It seems like everybody is trying to make history on us," defensive tackle Jeff Owens said, referencing Eric Berry's attempt to set a record for interceptions against Georgia three weeks ago. "We want to keep him out of the end zone. He's a tough player, always trying to get that extra yard, so we've just got to scratch and claw and try to stop him."

Tebow has 49 career rushing touchdowns, five of which have come against Georgia. While that officially ties the record, Walker has five additional touchdowns that came in bowl games, which were not counted toward official totals at the time.

Regardless of the caveats, Georgia isn't interested in seeing Tebow break Walker's record – officially or unofficially – this week.

"Just knowing the type of player that Herschel was and the type of guy that he is now, we just want to represent for the guys who played before us," linebacker Rennie Curran said. "That would be huge for us to hold their offense and Tebow and not let them score. We know they like to put the ball in his hands on the goal line so that is going to be our main goal. Not just because it is going to be a record but because as a defense we just want to play our best game."


Cox is making his first start in a Georgia-Florida game this season, and he's happy to be doing it in Jacksonville, Fla.

There was a great deal of debate over the future of the game in recent months, but a deal to keep the game in Jacksonville appears imminent, and that's just the way it should be, Cox said.

"I know there are people that think this game needs to come to Atlanta, but it doesn't matter because wherever you are, it's going to be a 50-50 crowd, and it's always really cool to see it like that," he said. "Two teams that are big rivals, they get to share the stadium, and it's one of the best games in college football and it's always fun to be a part of."

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