Danielson: Dawgs in Transition

JACKSONVILLE - CBS college football analyst Gary Danielson says Georgia is in transition.

(On Heisman Race): It's still Tim Tebow's Heisman to lose. He is in the driver's seat. Of course he has to do something, but he is going to get the visibility to do it. Anybody who votes for the Heisman before Championship Saturday is over, with Tebow, Mark Ingram and Colt McCoy potentially playing in their championship on December 5th, their votes really shouldn't count. You have to see what they are going to do in the Championship games before you vote this year.

(On Florida): Teams have forced Florida away from their first option and what they like to do, running the ball inside with those really fast backs and then throwing the short passes to (Aaron) Hernandez and (Riley) Cooper. People are taking the first option away and forcing Florida to do something else. So far they have been making enough mistakes to keep people in the game. But, if Florida doesn't turn the ball over inside the 20-yard line twice versus Tennessee, three times versus Mississippi State and four times against Arkansas, they would have blown all three of those teams out. So Florida is not quite as good as last year, but not as bad as what everybody thinks.

(On Tim Tebow): Tim is not playing like he played two years ago. First of all they don't have the necessity for him to do that because they have a much better defense than in his Heisman Trophy year. They are managing him a little more, making sure that he is available to do different things. He also doesn't have the fire power that turns a 10-yard pass into an 80-yard gain, because Louis Murphy and Percy Harvin aren't there to turn simple plays into touchdowns. They have to earn every yard.

(On Georgia): If you were to summarize Georgia in one word you might use the word transition. They are really hurt from who they lost off last year's team. In this conference, if you don't have the playmakers with experience going against all the great defensives players you are flat-out going to struggle. And that is Georgia. With Knowshon Moreno, Mohamed Massaquoi and Matthew Stafford all drafted, Georgia is just searching for experience at key spots and coming up empty. It is really affecting their team.

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