Dawgs Want to Execute

ATHENS – This week's matchup is circled on Georgia's calendar every season.

Florida is a huge rival, and the game typically determines which team will head to Atlanta to represent the SEC East in the conference's championship game.

This year, however, things are different for the Bulldogs. For only the second time since 1996, Georgia will be unranked when it faces Florida, and while the Bulldogs' Eastern Division title hopes remain on life support, this game is about more than simply keeping their preseason goals alive.

"Even if both teams were ranked or unranked, it's always a big game," quarterback Joe Cox said. "Now with us being an unranked team playing the No. 1 team, it could change our season. We want to use this game as a great opportunity to turn our season around. That's what we're going for."

Of course, even Cox knows that's a lot of pressure to put on his team, which enters the game with three losses for the first time in 13 seasons. So while he admits there's a lot ride on the outcome in terms of team morale, he said the Bulldogs are doing their best to keep the game in perspective.

"We don't want to beat Florida in order to save the season or turn things around, we just want to beat Florida to beat Florida, for us," Cox said. "We're not talking about all the things that could come with it because there's no need to talk about it and be thinking about stuff like that. We want to come out and execute our game plan and win the game."

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