Richt Looking at S & C, too

ATHENS – Willie Martinez has been squarely in the crosshairs of caustic fans for two seasons.

Mike Bobo has seen his playcalling critiqued by a bevy of message board pundits. Even Mark Richt has earned the scorn of fans unhappy with the team's 4-4 start to the season and its 10-7 record over the past 17 games.

But the most recent coach to come under the microscope at Georgia is strength and conditioning coordinator Dave Van Halanger, a longtime assistant for numerous successful programs. With Georgia's struggles on the offensive and defensive lines and problems running the football or bringing down opposing rushers, some critics have wondered if Georgia simply isn't strong enough this season. Richt thinks that's just par for the course.

"Everybody wants us to win, everybody wants to find some kind of angle to see where they think we've got issues," Richt said. "So if everybody's going to start chiming in on what we need to do, then it's obvious that every part of our program is going to be looked at and questioned."

Richt said across the board his staff works to keep up with the latest advances around college football, whether it be strength and conditioning, Xs and Os or simple coaching methodology.

"Coaches go to conventions, strength coaches go to conventions, everybody goes to the seminars trying to stay on top of the cutting edge," Richt said. "Everybody gets together and they discuss the things they have, the things they do, what do you like and what don't you like. And everybody's got friends in the business where you can compare notes."

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