Freshman Gets Starting Nod

ATHENS - One freshman will be making his first start of the year - another one will still be a backup.


For the past month, Georgia's coaches have given redshirt freshman safety Baccari Rambo increased playing time and have been pleased with the results. But despite the struggles of starters Reshad Jones and Bryan Evans in coverage against Florida and Tennessee, Richt said it's unlikely Rambo will move past either veteran on the depth chart.

"I don't know if he'll move into the starting lineup but he's earned playing time and he's playing well," Richt said. "He's continued to practice well, and that's good, good for us.

Richt said this week he planned to continue playing veterans that give the Bulldogs their best chance to win their remaining four games despite many of the team's preseason goals now being defunct.

Rambo offers the option for Georgia to both keep a quality product on the field this season, Richt said, while also giving playing time to a younger player projected to see a bigger role next year. But Richt doesn't think Rambo needs to be in the starting lineup to be prepared for next season.

"I don't think he would have to start to say that would make him more ready a year from now," Richt said. "He's playing plenty to help us be ready for next year."


With sophomore receiver A.J. Green out of action this week with a bruised lung, freshman Rantavious Wooten is slated to make his first start of the season against Tennessee Tech, and the fast rise up the depth chart isn't coming as a surprise to Wooten's teammates.

Richt said that veterans raved about Wooten's performance over the summer, giving Richt and early indication that the true freshman would be in position to help out immediately.

"They loved Wooten from the get-go – his quickness, ability to change direction and just how quickly he was picking up the route running," Richt said.

Wooten has just four catches so far this season in minimal duty backing up Green, but that will change this week, and Richt said he expects Wooten to make the most of his chance.

"He's going to get a really outstanding opportunity this weekend," Richt said. "Wooten playing a position behind A.J. certainly hasn't given him a ton of opportunities. This will be the biggest opportunity to this point for him, and I think he's excited, he's up for it."

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