Ask the Expert: A Big Timer Visiting Georgia?

Is a big-time prospect visiting Georgia last? What do the the latest Georgia offers mean?

Georgia sent out a few offers recently to 2010 prospects over the last few days. Can you talk a little about Adrian Hubbard and Jordan Atkins? Why is Georgia just now offering, and what do each of these prospects bring to the table?

Hubbard is a very athletic defensive end that has just exploded onto the scene over the past few weeks. He did not play football in 2008, so once his film got out about midway through the season, offers started to arrive. He has recently picked up an offer from Georgia, but is leaning more towards leaving the state than staying right now. He has to get bigger and stronger is he wants to play in the SEC, but he has great length, he pursues the ball well, and he has speed off the edge.

Akins played at Stone Rock in 2008 before transferring over to Union Grove in 2009. He did not get any type of exposure a year ago, so he has really turned some heads this season like Hubbard. He is an athlete that is being recruited to play wide receiver. He has great size and he is a natural athlete, but he really needs to work on getting better separation if he wants to be an impact player in college. He needs to work on his speed and just becoming more explosive. He has size, hands, and athleticism, so if he becomes a better route runner and faster, then he could be a player in college.

On Georgia just now offering these guys, I feel it is the same reason the other schools are offering these guys late. They have just now been evaluated and Georgia feels these two can help them. The Dawgs have a group of DEs on their commitment list, but some have academic work to do and a couple may not end up at DE on the next level. On Akins, the Dawgs would like to sign four receivers in this class, so they evaluated Akins and feel he could be one of those four.

You and I talked around three weeks ago about a somewhat surprising five-star prospect who has decided to visit Georgia last - you let everyone know this morning that was Marcus Lattimore… Can you talk about if getting that last visit tends to help schools in general or is that something everyone overestimates?

Getting the prospect on campus last is definitely a positive thing. He will not be able to have anyone in his home to meet with face to face again before signing day, so the coaches that see him last have the chance to make the last impression. They can show him what their plan is, show him what they can do for him, show him why he is needed in their program, and try to convince him that Athens is the best fit for him on and off the field. The last school, campus, environment, coaching staff, stadium, and players this prospect will see will likely be the ones that play for Mark Richt.

Is this the time of year 2011 players (juniors) start cropping up on your radar screen because of the playoffs? If so – are there any younger players who could emerge? Last season and the season before as juniors Da' Rick Rogers and Washaun Ealey showed their stuff deep into the playoffs – are there other juniors we should expect to see during a playoff run?

In this time, juniors started to appear on my radar about a year ago with the way recruiting is going. Not only am I looking a year ahead, but I am looking a couple of years ahead when on the road throughout the year. Many of the big names in Georgia are already known like the Carver duo of Isaiah Crowell and Gabe Wright, quarterback C.J. Uzomah, linebacker Shannon Brown, defensive end Ray Drew, tight end Jay Rome, and linebacker/defensive end James Vaughters, so I am going to share a few names to watch starting Friday night.

David Andrews - C - Wesleyan - Nobody works harder than he does and he is tough interior OL.
Damian Swann - S/WR - Grady - Speed is his biggest strength, but great size too.
Alex Chisum - WR/S - Sandy Creek - Smooth wideout with great hands.
Corey Moore - S - Griffin - Hard hitting DB with good instincts.
Tyler and Tanner Botts - DE/LB - Fierce competitors, high motor guys, and true football players.

Georgia seems to be more than holding its own with its commitments even with a sub-Georgia season. That seems confusing. Why is Georgia, so far, still getting players to stick to their commitments?

Most of these kids know it is not all about one season in college. What Georgia does in 2009 does not project what they will do in 2010. Because Georgia is not winning 12 games this year shows they may need some help as well and some of the commitments feel they can slide and make a difference early in Athens. Also a majority of this class has really bonded together and they want to play together at Georgia. Of course many of the in-state commitments also grew up Georgia fans and it is their dream school. I have always preached wins and losses don't mean a lot to most recruits, especially when they know Georgia will be back to ten plus wins in the near future.

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