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<dawg846> i love that we get him right before signing day chad!

<ChadSimmons> that last visit is big dawg846


<ChadSimmons> First off, Lattimore is interested in UGA and the interest is legit.

<ChadSimmons> I still think South Carolina is the team everyone is chasing right now

<ChadSimmons> I think Georgia has a true shot

<BigCalvesMan> If Lattimore wants to hang w/ the players, do you think he goes to the GALA?

<ChadSimmons> No, he is not going to the GALA... He will hang out with them when he is Athens late in January


<GrayDAWGS> How might that affect Crowell next year

<ChadSimmons> It never helps next year when you sign a big name back the year before, but nobody recruit a year in advance... I a school has a chance to get a RB like Lattimore, then take him now and worry about Crowell later


<dawg846> Chad what about Goodwin?

<ChadSimmons> If Georgia gets Goodwin on campus, then they have an outstanding shot at him... Watch out for UNC though... They are getting him on campus this weekend


<XenuDawg> Is there a big dropoff from Lattimore to Malcome?

<ChadSimmons> The biggest difference in Malcome and Lattimore is durability... Malcome has missed games in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade due to an injury... Lattimore carries the ball 20-plus a game and never misses a beat


<Aldog> chad, do you like the dawg's chances with watts danzler? even thought he is 2011.

<ChadSimmons> Yes I do Aldog... I definitely give the Dawgs the edge with Dantzler right now


<suwaneegeorgia> Let me play the DA here..........has Byrnes ever produced a player in college who has even been all sec?

<ChadSimmons> I don't know suwanee... have not covered a lot of them out of Byrnes that have gone to the SEC


<AlltelDawg> Chad, Are there any out of the corners that you think could sign with UGA? Like riggs even though I think he goes elsewhere

<ChadSimmons> Terrence Mitchell is the best bet right now AlltellDawg


<buckdawger> Chad,Dean, how do you think the incident with Nukeese will affect recruiting?

<ChadSimmons> It will not help UT buckdawger... That is for sure... I think it will affect them a little


<dawg846> Chad how many more do we sign?  do we finish with 22-23?

<ChadSimmons> hard to say 846... UGA has had a number of injuries of their own... I think Georgia finishes in the low 20's - 21-22... I think 23 is too high unless there are a couple of academic casualties

<suwaneegeorgia> we have to quit comparing our rb recruits to herschel.  it just ain't fair to them

<ChadSimmons> suwanee, we all have our opinions, but that kid is special and a workhorse


<samperry> what are UGA chances with Cody or Fulton at CB?

<ChadSimmons> samperry... UGA is pretty much out of it with Fulton imo and they are right behind UF for Riggs at this time


<JDDAWG> Chad, would you give us a 50% shot with Lattimore at this point?

<ChadSimmons> JDDAWG, probably not that high, but they are in the race for sure...


<AlltelDawg> Chad have you heard anything on the SR RB at Ringgold Ga. Playing against teams like Dalton putting up a monster year

<ChadSimmons> Yes AlltelDawg... he is a FB with some offers that runs at TB some for them


<TripleB> Chad, what are our realistic chances with Luc?

<ChadSimmons> I still think UGA trails UF, FSU, and Tennessee for Luc... This weekend is HUGE for UGA with him


<dawg846> do we get any of the WRs out of FL?

<ChadSimmons> dawgs846 - i don't think they get any out of FLA that they have offered as of now


<Jayla1> Chad. Do you think it is a must to get a game breaking back in this class like Lattimore and do we still have any shot at Mack Brown?

<ChadSimmons> UGA is out of it for Mack Brown Jayla1... UGA can definitely use another top flight back in this class


<danieliroberts> and will we go hard after crawford? is his mom stillupset aboutthe burns fiasco

<Dean_Legge> Yes. Still after Crawford, but the mom is still upset. So some work to be done there...

<ChadSimmons> Georgia is and has been going hard after Corey Crawford... It will be interesting to see what happens with him


<AlltelDawg> What about Sims. Who does he sign with on FEB 2

<ChadSimmons> AlltelDawg – Georgia has a good chance with Sims if they can get him on campus. I believe his heart is with Georgia.

<danieliroberts> chad, why do u feel we have NO shot at christian green?

<ChadSimmons> danielroberts - Georgia has a shot, I just don't think he signs there in the end... He does have a lot of interest right now though and has that connection with Lilly and Richt from E.G.'s days at FSU


<FedorDawg> how good are the chances with Lattimore and would getting him affect Isaiah Crowell

<Dean_Legge> Fedor - It wuld effect it, but those two are different types of backs. If Latt wants to come they are not going to turn him down for something the following year IMO


<MudDawg> chad or dean, if there is a change at DC or Garner leaves, which recruits leave the fold?

<Dean_Legge> I think most if not all of the recruits stick if there is a coaching change of some sort. That's impossible to know for sure, but in talking and getting to know them they are all solid with the exception of one or two, and those may like they "new" coaches.

<ChadSimmons> Yes, I feel the majority stay wit Georgia if a coaching change is made as long as Richt is there

<DawgsRulz73> why is it so hard to get Sims on campus chad.. he can walk there

<ChadSimmons> Because he has not felt important or wanted at/by Georgia DawgsRulz...


<smburton> hey dean big fan do you think there is any chance we can land one of those five stars this weekend and do we really have a chance with Lattimore

<Dean_Legge> They are going to have to work on all of the five-star guys still out there. Yes, they have a chance with Lattimore, but they are going to have to go down to Signing Day to get him.


<FedorDawg> dean what are your thoughts on the game this weekend?

<Dean_Legge> I think Georgia will win, so I am with Vegas on that one, but I don't really know what to expect in this one - I never do


<redclayhound> Any chance at all that we go after Maurice Hayes?

<ChadSimmons> redclayhound - not now with the ACL tear imo


<smburton> do you see elam leaving flordia for us would be great stealing one from urban

<ChadSimmons> smburton - Elam is definitely not solid to UF even though I think he ends up there in the end right now... Going to be very hard for UGA to convince him to come as a safety when they have Hamilton, Tree, and Deas already committed... They can make it appealing though IMO

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