Dantzler Visits Athens Once More

ATHENS – Watts Dantzler has been seemingly around the college football world this fall.

Each weekend he's taken a trip to different college football venue, but there is a place he's been multiple times – Georgia. Dantzler visited Athens for the third time this weekend even though he was scheduled to go to watch Ole Miss' game with LSU.

"It was my third trip to Georgia. I was thinking about going to Ole Miss, but I had practice for basketball and it didn't work out," Dantzler said.

That's about all that's not worked out for the massive offensive tackle in the last year on the field. He's dropped weight and gotten into shape.

"My body has changed. I spent tons of time in the weight room. I would go after school and do extra work. I wanted to be the best player I could be. I pushed myself hard in the weight room when you play. This year I feel like I played much better this year," he said.

Dantzler ‘s 2009 game film proves that assumption to be true. He more than held his own against the athletic Tucker Tigers and their highly-thought-of linebacker James Vaughters. Dalton fell to Tucker, but the performance was wrapped up a big 2009 for Dantzler.

That's why Dantzler's trips to Athens are interesting. Nearly everyone in the ACC and SEC want him to play for them, but Georgia is certainly getting his attention – even in a down season.

"Even in a bad season for Georgia there were a ton of people there," Dantzler said of Georgia's loss to Kentucky Saturday night. "It was a good atmosphere. Georgia, if you have not been there, Georgia is Georgia. My dad played there and my mother went there. Georgia has always been a place I have been interested in. I know all the back roads around Athens. They've not had a good season, but they are in the SEC and everyone is good in the SEC. The difference in the national championship team and an 8-4 team are a couple of players."

Dantzler may be just that type of player to get a program to the next level. His size? Daunting. But he's improved his football ability as well. Scout.com's Chad Simmons thinks Dantzler is "the most improved prospect in the state this year."

Improving that much gives Dantzler options, and he's taking the process of recruiting slow.

"I have had the chance to look at a lot of places," he said. "The recruiting process is a fun one. I really like visiting places. Each place has something nice. I have really enjoyed each place I have been. I think you go back home and think about what you liked and what you didn't. You may like different things at different places. It is going to be a difficult choice for me. You are going to get a good education either way. You are going to get a chance to play in big games."

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