Upgrade or Downgrade? Offensive Line

ATHENS – Upgrade or downgrade? Dean Legge looks at each position at Georgia to see if 2010s' Dawgs will be better than those of 2009.

Today: The Offensive Line

2009 Starters: Ben Jones, Cordy Glenn, Clint Boling, Josh Davis and Chris Davis
2010 Possible Starters: Same group – maybe with Trinton Sturdivant
Outcome: Same/Upgrade

Clint Boling could be a high-round NFL this time next year if he can add mass to his impressive frame. Sturdivant may have been the most touted freshmen in 2007, but Boling has developed into the best lineman at Georgai. If Trinton Sturdivant returns, and that is a big if, the group would probably be the best of the Mark Richt era... or second best to the 2002 group.

Still, I am saying the offensive line will be the same because I don't see a new player coming in to bust up what has become a pretty steady starting group. I love Ben Jones' passion and willingness to be wherever he is and love it. I am excited to see that the offensive line took off when once-project Josh Davis rolled into the starting line. Boling? Just send him out there and let him do his thing. A very good 2010 could mean big money for Boling come spring 2011. Chris Davis, the veteran that he is, is still out there fighting like crazy even though he's more worn than my boyhood baseball glove.

The group is not full of superstars, but they will do in the SEC. If Josh Davis steps his game up then this group could be better in 2010, but for the time being I am sticking with a "same" for this group in 2010. Same does not mean bad.

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