Ask the Expert: Who Makes Impact in 2010?

ATHENS - Dean Legge asks's Chad Simmons about coaching changes; impact players and the best player in 2011.

If Georgia makes a coaching change will it matter when that happens as far as recruiting is concerned?

If they decide to make a major change, then the earlier the better because it gives them more time to explain everything to their commitments/targets. I feel the majority of the class will stay with Georgia no matter when/if there is a change made. A lot of this class chose Georgia for Georgia and they know coaches change places at schools across the country year after year, so I don't feel there will be a big affect if something does happen in Athens. At the same time, the earlier the change(s) is made, the better.

After watching a pretty good amount of film on Georgia's class of 2009 and the fall they had, which of Georgia's current commits do you think, right now, will have the most effect on the team in 2010?

The first one that comes to mind is Da' Rick Rogers. He is an athlete that will make an immediate impact at Georgia. His size, speed, and playmaking ability will definitely put him on the field game one barring injury. Others have a great shot at playing too and I would say Jakar Hamilton will definitely see the field and Alec Ogletree has a very good shot too. Look for a corner or two to play early and T.J. Stripling and Garrison Smith have the chance to get playing time, especially on pass rush situations.

In your mind is there a player who is not currently committed to the Dawgs that the Georgia coaches should focus the bulk of their recruiting efforts on now?

Hard to say just one player, but a two positional groups are very important. They definitely need to land another interior defensive lineman and at least one more playmaker at receiver. I could list Christian Green, Michael Thornton, Jeffrey Whitaker, Adrian Coxson, or a couple others that fall into those groups. At the same time I say that, they appear to be back in it for the top running back in the country, so they should go hard after Marcus Lattimore as well. I feel Georgia has a good group in this class, but they need to close strong to get a great one. Guys like the ones I listed with others like Cody Riggs, Terrence Mitchell, Blake Sims, Telvin Smith, Jeff Luc, and other top targets are all keys to the UGA 2010 class.

Who is your top junior in Georgia at this moment for the class of 2011?

Jay Rome is my top junior and he has really put himself into good position heading into next fall to hold that spot. I have seen film on him, watched him play live, and watched him practice all in the last month and he is the total package. He is a true tight end that has the size, hands, blocking ability, speed, athleticism, and toughness to be a great every down tight end that has a good chance to play on Sundays.

I will go ahead and say my other four filling out my early top five in 2011 are Isaiah Crowell, James Vaughters, and Ray Drew. Georgia has offered all five and are in the running early for each one even though I give the early edge to Clemson for Rome. It is another very talented year in the Peach State in 2011.

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