Defensive Coordinators: A Short List

ATHENS - Dawg Post's quick list of defensive coordinators who Georgia should or may look at.

Kevin Steele
Current Position: Clemson Defensive Coordinator
Contract: Three-year Contract
Pay: $375,000
Legge's Thoughts: The former Baylor head coach, Steele left Alabama to become the defensive coordinator at Clemson in 2009. He also spent time at Tennessee, Nebraska and Florida State among other schools.

John Chavis
Current Position: LSU Defensive Coordinator
Contract: Three-year Contract
Pay: $450,000 (bonuses would give Chavis $565,000)
Legge's Thoughts: This seems like a stretch, but the longtime Tennessee defensive coordinator is considered one of the better coordinators in the SEC. LSU's coaching situation seems a lot less stable than it did earlier this year.

Dick Bumpas
Current Position: Texas Christian Defensive Coordinator
Contract: N/A
Pay: N/A
Legge's Thoughts: What we know about Bumpas is that he's a very, very good coordinator at TCU, and that he's been in the SEC before and therefore has an understanding of the conference. The only other interesting thing about Bumpas is that he is a secondary coach - if it was a matter of replacing Martinez and Martinez only he would fit nicely into that situation. But the question for any potential defensive coordinators is if Bumpas would want to bring in his staff or work with what's at Georgia now.

Kirby Smart
Current Position: Alabama Defensive Coordinator
Contract: Three-year Contract
Pay: $441,350 (includes bonuses)
Legge's Thought's: This seems unlikely for a couple of different reasons; Bama wouldn't let Smart easily get out of a three-year contract; Georgia does not pay assistants nearly what Alabama does. As for any issues with Smart and Georgia or Mark Richt… those alleged "issues", I have been told, have been overblown and were never between Richt and Smart any way. The hurdle here is the money and Smart's current contract.

Will Muschamp
Current Position: Texas Defensive Coordinator; Texas Coach in waiting
Contract: N/A
Pay: $993,150 (includes bonuses)
Legge's Thoughts: This is a pipe dream… it will not happen, but I had to include it because of the obvious ties back to Georgia.

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