Martinez Visits Riggs

Willie Martinez settled in for a dinner – and a recruiting visit with Cody Riggs.

The four-star cornerback is trying to figure out where he wants to play college ball, and Martinez is doing his best to convince him Georgia is the place for him to be. Martinez will have to convince him even more in the coming weeks as Riggs said tonight that he's going to try to make a decision sometime soon.

"I could decide next week or at the under Armor Game," he said. "But I think it will be before January."

Riggs is down to three schools – Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. The Vols will visit him tomorrow night and the Gators next week.

"I am not sure what will make be decide one player over another - probably the place that I like the most. I can't think of one factor specifically," Riggs said.

Riggs admitted that there is pressure to go to Florida, but said that he will talk with his family before making any decisions.

"There is pressure to stay in Florida from folks around here," he said. "But I am going to sit down and talk with my family and figure it out sometime in the near future."

Tonight, however, Martinez and Riggs talked about things other than football – like the salmon dinner they were enjoying. Riggs explained that the family has known Martinez for some time now. The prospects stepfather played at Bethune-Cookman when Martinez was a coach there.

"It went well," Riggs said of the dinner. "We had dinner together and talked about my team. I know everything about Georgia I need to know already. We talked about stuff other than football a lot, too. Georgia is right up there. I have always enjoyed watching them play growing up."

Still, Riggs admits that he's a bit torn when it comes to making a decision. Martinez is trying to make that decision easier – he wants to bring Georgia head coach Mark Richt down to south Florida to make the decision easier for the prospect.

"He said that he would like to bring Coach Richt back down," Riggs said. "At this point any of the schools are going to have to say something to get me to commit to them."

Riggs has used all of his five official visits. His most recent official visit was Florida's win over Florida State.

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