Are their commitments still secure?

Everyone is wondering about the Osceola duo and if they plan to stick with UGA after the coaching changes. You can find out here in this update.

"I actually called up to Georgia today," said Osceola Head Coach Jeff Rolson. "I wanted to touch base with them about the coaching situation and they said everything is still the same."

"Marc Deas and B.J. Butler were scheduled to go up to Georgia for their official visits on December 11 and 12 before the change and that is still set. Everything is still the same after the changes."

The rumors have been swirling about possible coaching changes at UGA for weeks now and Coach Rolson had heard them down in Orlando (FL).

With that said, he thought all was well as he and his players were visited by John Jancek on Tuesday.

"Coach Jancek spent a good bit of time here two days ago and he thought all was going ok. I asked him about the coaching rumors and he had not heard anything yet. He was out recruiting like always and doing his job at Georgia."

On Wednesday, Mark Richt informed Jancek that he would not be retained as a coach in 2010. His duties are now done at UGA unless he decides to coach the Dawgs in the bowl game.

So did the news of Jancek not being back in Athens affect the commitment status of Deas and Butler?

"I have talked to both B.J. and Marc about the situation at Georgia and both remain committed to them," said Coach Rolson. "They are still going up for the Gala later this month and they both still plan to sign with the Bulldogs."

"They liked Coach Jancek, but they both are still solid to Georgia. I know things are a little different at Georgia now, but I do not see anything different with my players."

Rolson said things have really slowed down for his guys in terms of recruiting.

Butler wanted by schools all over the country and Deas was really picking up some steam in recruiting over the spring, but Rolson said all is calm now.

"Schools have pretty much backed off and respected their commitments. These two have been committed to Georgia for a while now, their minds are set on Georgia, and college coaches know they are not pursuing any other schools."

Chad Simmons is the Recruiting Manager for the South Region and he can be reached at

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