Garner Won't Discuss Future

ATHENS – After three defensive coaches were let go two weeks ago, many fans have been waiting for the last member of the staff to head in another direction, too.

That won't be the case in the short-term, defensive line coach Rodney Garner said, and that's a message he has preached to his team.

"I told the guys (Saturday), I'm 100 percent committed to us being successful in that game on the 28th, I'm 100 percent bought in, and I'm asking them to be the same way," Garner said. "There's a lot of things we can't control. We can't control what happened with the staff. We can't control the bowl game. We can't control the opponent. But we can control our emotion and how we go into that bowl game. That's what we're going to focus on."

Beyond that, Garner wasn't offering up too many details on his future.

Asked if he had been approached by other teams about potential jobs, Garner said he was only focused on Georgia's bowl game.

Asked if he was interested in the Bulldogs' vacant defensive coordinator job, Garner said he had faith in Mark Richt to make the right decision on a replacement for Willie Martinez.

Asked if he wanted an opportunity to be a defensive coordinator somewhere, Garner offered a firm yes, but provided little context to go with it.

"At some point, obviously if you're in this business, you're always looking for upward mobility," he said. "But I'm not sitting here with a timetable saying it's got to happen now. It's not that type of scenario. I have faith that Coach Richt is going to do what he feels is best for this program. He's been very good to me, very good to my family, so I've got the utmost faith in him that he knows what he's doing."

With the dismissal of Martinez, linebackers coach John Jancek and ends coach Jon Fabris, Garner remains the lone holdover on the defensive staff and a crucial cornerstone to Georgia's recruiting efforts.

He said he understands the rumors swirling about his own future, but he said staying at Georgia remains the goal – for now.

"Obviously you plan on it," Garner said. "People ask questions and all that, but you can only try to control the things you can control, and you play the cards you're dealt."

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