Will New DC Effect Rennie and Reshad?

Could a new defensive coordinator effect if Jones and Curran stay in Athens?

Not looking ahead

The changes to the defensive coaching staff will certainly have an effect on bowl preparation and recruiting, but they could also help shift the decisions of the two Bulldogs most likely to leave school a year early to enter the NFL draft.

Linebacker Rennie Curran and safety Reshad Jones both are considering making the move to the NFL, and both admitted that losing their coaches could push them in that direction.

"It's huge," Curran said. "Those are the things you think about scheme-wise and how you're going to fit in, the coaches coming in and his mentality. But that's something I'm going to worry about later on. Right now is just to win this bowl game and finish up strong."

Jones has a similar plan, but said the loss of Martinez will certainly factor into his ultimate decision.

"I haven't really looked at it like that, but it will have a little effect," Jones said. "I'll probably sit down after the bowl and put everything together and clear my head and see how things go."

Of course, as much as Martinez and Jancek's loss will be weighed by Jones and Curran, the new coaching staff could also play a role, and that's information Jones is eagerly awaiting.

"I haven't heard yet," Jones said of potential replacements on the coaching staff. "I do want to know that information, but I'm basically focused on the bowl game and I'll make my decision after that."

Change could be in store

Through much of the recruiting season, Georgia had taken a soft approach to signing another quarterback after the Bulldogs landed two Elite 11 passers a year ago. But that philosophy has changed in recent weeks, Garner said.

"Originally we thought we weren't and then we re-evaluated the situation and decided it might be in our best interest to pursue one," he said. "So I think we're leaning toward that right now."

The popular perception on why Georgia had a change of heart is that sophomore Logan Gray is planning a position change from quarterback to wide receiver, but while Garner admitted that was a possibility, he said the final decision hasn't been made.

"I'm sure being in the program as long as he has, if (Gray) feels like he's not going to be the guy, he may want to move to another position because he's a very talented guy," Garner said. "But that's going to be a decision that Logan and his family will make. We're going to give him every opportunity, but if he chooses that he'd like to move to another (position) I think Coach Richt will allow that."

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