Richt Still Not Offering Clues

ATHENS – Even after deals are done, Georgia head coach Mark Richt isn't interested in saying much about the team's still-vacant defensive coordinator position.

After rumors swirled Thursday night that former Kansas State co-defensive coordinator was close to backing out of an agreement with Illinois to accept an offer from Georgia, things quieted down Friday morning, with Koenning landing with the Illini and Richt offering little in the way of an explanation.

"I think everything is just -- this whole search stuff, I'll just say I've got nothing to shed on it," Richt said.

Koenning shed a bit more light on the situation Friday when he was introduced as Illinois' new defensive coordinator. He had told Illinois coach Ron Zook earlier in the week that he was interested in accepting the job, but late contact from Georgia shook things up at the last minute.

"There was some dialogue and it made for an interesting last 16 to 18 hours," Koenning said.

Whether an official offer ever came from Georgia remains unclear, but the end result is that Koenning is officially in place with the Illini and Richt is still looking for his next defensive coordinator.

Earlier this week, Richt said it could be as late as early January before a decision is made, and much of that comes from the complications of making a hire while so many teams still have bowl games left to play – including the Bulldogs.

"There's just a lot of guys that are working right now," Richt said. "I think that it's very difficult to do both. I think most everybody feels a sense of obligation to coach through the season because they care about their players and the people they work with. It's just a really crummy time of the year to be trying to do what we're doing here, but that's just part of it right now."

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