Wright Wanted to Get Back to Athens

ATHENS – Gabe Wright knew a teammate of his was sick when he didn't make the Saturday drive to Athens.

"We were all getting ready and then someone told me that he wasn't coming," Wright said of his ill teammate. "That's when I knew his was sick for sure because that's the only way I'd miss the trip to Georgia."

Wright, who is considered one of the top defensive tackles in Georgia, made a bowl-practice trip to Athens because he said he didn't want to loose touch with the Bulldogs.

"I know that we are about to get into a quiet period, and I just didn't want to forget how Georgia was," he said. "I know that I can't talk to the coaches up there for the next few weeks, and I want to make sure to touch base with them before the quiet period."

That's probably an encouraging sign for the Bulldogs, who seem to be in a fight to keep Wright from heading west to Alabama – the other school he talked most about. Wright said Bama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart had been to his school lately, and that he was impressed with what Alabama had to offer.

"I nearly committed on the spot," Wright admitted. "But then I thought about it more. I mean there is a lot of tradition at Alabama. Bear Bryant… stuff like that. I was at a game there not too long ago, and I just wanted to jump in there and play."

Wright admits, however, that he gets that feeling at other schools, too. He decided that it would be best not to commit to the Tide, and all of the thinking of commitment got him thinking about going up to Georgia to see it again – this time during practices.

"I have been to Georgia before, obviously, so I want to see what it would be like when Coach Garner was coaching the guys during practice," Wright said. "It was cool. I am sitting there watching them get ready for Texas A&M, and I know what's going on. I was thinking: ‘This is what it would be like if I came here.' It was cool."

Wright said he's in no rush to make a decision about college. He said he's going to make certain to visit Alabama and Georgia on their junior days over the next two months, and that he would visit Auburn, too if it was not the same day as Bama's junior day. Another school, Penn State, might get a junior day visit, but Wright has some concerned with that trip.

"That's a long drive," he said. "And it is really cold. I don't like the cold."

But it is clear that Wright likes Georgia and Alabama.

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