Recruiting Continues for Richt

ATHENS – With shakeups on the coaching staff and rumors about possible replacements cropping up at a frenzied pace, it might be understandable if Mark Richt was spending a lot of time putting out fires with recruits the past few weeks.

As it turns out, however, he said things have been pretty calm on that front.

"Initially that was the majority of the conversation, but now we're just continuing that relationship of them just being excited about being at Georgia and talking about the end of their seasons and school and finals and the holidays," Richt said.

The most recent contact period with players ended last weekend, but Richt and his staff spent the previous few weeks getting in touch with their current commitments and letting them know as many details as possible on the changes to the defensive staff and the timetable for finding replacements. Once those initial conversations occurred, it has pretty much been smooth sailing, Richt said.

At last weekend's end-of-season gala, Georgia hosted many of its top recruits and commitments, and for those on the defensive side of the ball, Richt spent some extra time with them talking about the future, but he said there has been virtually no concern on the players' parts about what's in store.

Coaches get another opportunity to contact recruits again in January, and Richt said he plans on making a round of home visits then – ideally with the new defensive coaches in tow.

"I've strategically tried to save most of my home contacts until after the bowl season," Richt said. "And hopefully we're going to get a chance to get out with our new coaches after that point."

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