Dawgs Pick over Kiffin's Leftovers

ATHENS – Lane Kiffin's departure from Tennessee will effect Georgia's recruiting… now.

The Bulldogs have been battling the Vols for numerous recruits in the South, but three Peach State natives have been committed to Tennessee – one of which had enrolled in school.

The fate of those three prospects is very much in the air.

Georgia fans should pay particular interest to North Gwinnett's JaWuan James. James moved up to Tennessee earlier this month and was prepared to go to the first class of his college life this morning until he heard new that Kiffin was going to bolt the mountains of East Tennessee for the beaches of Southern California.

The news made James stop in his tracks. Dawg Post has confirmed that James did not go to class this morning, which means that he is still eligible to leave Tennessee without suffering the NCAA's Transfer Rule. Had James, or any other early enrollee of the Vols gone to class this morning they would be considered a Tennessee student-athlete, and therefore would have to sit out one year if they decided to leave the Knoxville campus.

James could return to Tennessee, but if he does not Georgia may wind up signing him in early February – or at least would be considered an immediate leader to sign him.

Another player to watch is Westlake's Michael Taylor, considered a three-star linebacker by Scout.com, de-committed from the Vols this morning.

"I have had a change of heart," he admitted to Scout.com's Chad Simmons. "I am not ready to release a list of schools yet. I am open right now."

The Bulldogs were the first program to offer Taylor 11 months ago to the day of Kiffin's wild departure from Tennessee. At one time the Bulldogs lead for Taylor, but he committed to the Vols in early August. Taylor had an eye-opening performance in the Under Armour All-Star game earlier this month. It is unclear how Georgia, which is missing the bulk of its defensive staff, would recruit Taylor now, but he is now uncommitted, which will likely change the Dawgs' recruiting efforts with him.

The final Georgia tie to take note of is Henry County's Markeith Ambles, who was scheduled to take a visit to Knoxville this weekend. Still, the Bulldogs have not offered Ambles a scholarship, and it remains unlikely that they will pursue him, but that remains unclear.

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