Grantham: Do Dawg Fans Bark?

ATHENS - In a wide-ranging interview with the media, Todd Grantham talks about his defense, what he expects and if Georgia fans bark.

Direct Quotes from Todd Grantham:

I took a test and hit the ground running. We are trying to close on some guys here this last weekend.

Recruiting is all about relationships. When you are coaching guys in pro ball you have to motive guys somehow, too. I think it's about being yourself and how they fit in to what you want to do here. I have always enjoyed recruiting.

I think you take the players you have here – those committed and rank them. But I think it is important to find ways to get your best players onto the field. I think you have to work to find out what they do well. We are going to find a way to get them in there and make plays. But you have to have players to make plays, and that's about getting the best guys on the field to make those plays.

We are pulling tapes of each guy – about 25 plays from each guy and taking a look at them. I think it is a process that will be ongoing, but we have to start somewhere. I said to put their best plays out there that describes what that player is – not necessarily down and distance.

We want to be physical and relentless in our approach. I want the teams that play us to walk off the field tired of playing us. You can't look at the scoreboard – you can't let the last play effect the next play.

There are two types of 3-4. The traditional one is like New England's. But we are going to be a one-gap team. As we move forward we will have a standard down the road. But right now we are going to have to have position flexibility. If someone gets hurt

I think your inside guys are you're inside guys. When you start talking about outside guys those bodies can be different. You are always going to have certain guys that are special guys. Players make plays and players figure out how to get it done.

In a 3-4 you can be balanced. You don't have to declare your rusher until you see the package sometime. It helps against multiple formation guys. You can still be solid about the run. And the other guys can't tell where they are coming from. They have to account for all four linebackers, but they don't know which one is coming. I think it is more difficult for quarterbacks. Manning had a hard time against New England because he was not sure about the coverage.

This whole thing started back when we were playing New Orleans. We were not sure about the timing of the thing because of the playoffs. We were not sure how the whole thing was going to work, but I am exciting to be here.

I have always had aspirations for being a coordinator in college one day. I felt like having the NFL on my resume when I walked into the home my resume would speak for itself. Over the last 11 years there have been some chances to come back to college, but the timing wasn't right. There could have been some chances to be a coordimator in the NFL this year. But there is something special about Athens. But I think when you take a job you take it because you think you can win. They have won 90 games in nine years. If you are going to a team that's losing you have to change the culture. This was a chance to come to a program that has won and is still hungry.

If we take the best players in Georgia, and they can come to our school you can be better than Florida and Southern Cal.

As we move forward it is all about developing relationships. I think the biggest thing is if the prospects feel like they have your best interest at heart then you will get those kids.

I think we are very flexible about when we get the next coach. I think we are going to get the best teacher in here, but I don't think there is a timetable for that.

I think Rodney has value, and I look forward to working with him on our defense.

Ultimately players have to be accountable for their actions. When it gets down to it – players have to make choices on the field. You have to move forward with those choices, but we can teach to that. I think you also have to let the players know that you know what you are talking about. Every NFL game comes down to five plays, but you don't know when that play will come. That means you literally coach every play like it could be one of those five plays.

The biggest thing is that you have to figure out how to take away the players that can beat you. You have to create matchups. Very seldom do you get a guy running free to the quarterback – it is almost always one on one.

You actually need two of those guys. The Will is going rush more than the Sam. I think competition makes everyone better. I think you are going to heave to learn to win that position before you can help us win.

I understand the passion of the Georgia fans, and I understand who they want to beat. My standards are that high, and higher. I hear they bark here when you make a big play… is that true?

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