Senior Bowl Quarterbacks-Final Grades's Adam Caplan is giving his final practice grades on all six Senior Bowl signal callers.

Ratings Explanation


5=Long-time/solid NFL starter

4=Low-end starter

3=No. 2 quarterback

2=No. 3 quarterback

1=practice squad player

Note: All six quarterbacks were rated on a six-point grading system. 6 being the highest, 1 being the lowest.

The ratings are based purely on ability/talent/skill. Character, leadership, and non-football playing factors were not taken into consideration because those issues will be resolved by NFL teams as we get closer to the draft.

Tony Pike/Cincinnati/North

Arm Strength: 5.0

Comments: Pike has an ideal NFL arm. You can see how the ball comes out of his hands with power and torque. Because of the power in his passes, he was willing to take some chances.

Accuracy: 4.5

Comments: Like many quarterbacks with a strong arm, Pike tended to have a small problem with shorter passes that required touch. However, he was very good on intermediate or deeper passes.

Pocket Awareness/Movement: 4.5

Comments: He did a good job with his footwork. He also had precise movement on his five and seven-step drops.

Mechanics: 4.25

Comments: Pike has a high release point and he does a nice job of putting the ball back on his throwing motion. This helps him get more power into his passes.

Numerical Grade: 4.55

Comments: There's no question that Pike projects to be a starter down the road at the NFL level. He has what personnel evaluators want--size and arm strength.

Round Target: 2-3

Comments: Pike is what scouts look for in a quarterback. He's big and has a solid arm. Those traits will help get him selected early in the draft.

Jarrett Brown/West Virginia/South

Arm Strength: 4.75

Comments: He reminded me of former NFL QB Rohan Davey, but in a better sense. Brown has a strong arm and he's willing to throw the ball into tighter windows. NFL personnel evaluators love when a young quarterback is willing to make tough throws. The passing windows are tighter on the NFL level, so Brown probably won over some scouts this week.

Accuracy: 4.25

Comments: For the most part, Brown was pretty accurate this week. He was a bit inconsistent with shorter passes that required a bit more touch on the ball.

Pocket Awareness/Movement: 4.25

Comments: Brown did a good job of knowing where his receivers were most of the time.

Mechanics: 4.0

Comments: His footwork was good for the most part. Brown had a consistent release point, but was able to throw from different platforms when necessary.

Numerical Grade: 4.31

Comments: There was probably no quarterback that helped himself more this week in Mobile than Brown. He was very consistent from the outset of practices this week on Monday.

Round Target: 3-4

Comments: There's no question that Brown helped himself this week. He could go even higher if he has a strong NFL combine and pro day.

Sean Canfield/Oregon State/North

Arm Strength: 1.75

Comments: Canfield probably had the weakest arm of the the six quarterbacks in Mobile this week. He simply can't drive the ball at all down field.

Accuracy: 4.0

Comments: What stood out with Canfield was his accuracy. While he doesn't have a good arm, he still puts the ball where it needs to be on shorter to intermediate routes.

Pocket Awareness/Movement: 4

Comments: He did a decent job of evading the rush this week. He seemed to have a good sense of where his intended targets were on the field.

Mechanics: 3.25

Comments: Canfield's footwork wasn't great this week, but it was good enough for him to throw the ball from where he was on the field.

Numerical Grade: 3.25

Comments: His accuracy could help overcome his obvious lack of arm strength.

Round Target: 5-6

Comments: There's going to be a place in the NFL for a guy like Canfield. While he showed to have well less than an ideal arm, his accuracy was very good. That will help him gain notice on the final day of the draft.

Tim Tebow/Florida/South

Arm Strength: 2.5

Comments: It was quite evident from his first snap on Monday that Tebow had a below average NFL arm. Because his mechanics were off, that took power off his passes. He also needs to get more force into his throws.

Accuracy: 3.25

Comments: His accuracy was better later in the week. However, because of his poor mechanics, Tebow had problems hitting even open receivers at times. Every once in a while he threw the ball better down field, but he was still way too inconsistent in that area. What he did well was throw some fades passes with good touch.

Pocket Awareness/Movement: 4.50

Comments: Creating functional space to throw the ball wasn't a problem for Tebow at all. He seemed to have a decent understanding of where to go with the ball this week.

Mechanics: 1.25

Comments: Tebow's release point is a big problem. He's unable to get enough power into his throws because of where he releases the ball. He also tends to hold the ball too low and it takes him too long to get the ball out of his left hand. His footwork also needs to be more consistent.,

Numerical Grade: 2.88

Comments: Whichever team drafts Tebow will have a full understanding of what he is and what he isn't. He has a below average NFL arm, but moves very well in and outside the pocket. If he can get his mechanics straightened out, he'll have a chance to move up the draft chart at the next level.

Round Target: 5-6

Comments: Based on the obvious issue with his mechanics, Tebow is likely to drop to the third day of the draft. The only way he goes off the board higher is if a team thinks he'll be able to play another position,

Dan LeFevour/Central Michigan/North

Arm Strength: 2.25

Comments: Because of his lack of arm strength, LeFevour came up short on too many passes this week in practice. He pushes the ball out of his hands instead of throwing it.

Accuracy: 3.0

Comments: He aimed the ball a little bit this week instead of throwing it. His accuracy was up and down this week.

Pocket Awareness/Movement: 3.25

Comments: LeFevour moves around well, but he doesn't always see what's going on around him.

Mechanics: 2.75

Comments: Consistent, good footwork was an issue for him. He also tends to push the ball instead of just throwing it normally.

Numerical Grade: 2.81

Comments: LeFevour just doesn't have the arm strength that will gain notice in any setting. That's going to push him down draft boards. He needs to have his throwing motion adjusted.

Round Target: 6-7

Comments: LeFevour projects to go off the board late in the draft. He simply lacks adequate arm strength that NFL scouts covet.

Zac Robinson/Oklahoma State/South

Arm Strength: 2.15

Comments: For the most part, the ball didn't come out fast or hard from Robinson's right hand. Occasionally, he threw the ball with some speed, but when he did, he seemed to overthrow his intended target.

Accuracy: 2.25

Comments: Robinson's passes tended to be off the mark quite a bit during most of the practices this week. He had a hard time getting into any kind of rhythm,

Pocket Awareness/Movement: 3

Comments: He moved fairly well in the pocket, but needed to do a better job of getting the ball out of his hands.

Mechanics: 2.75

Comments: Robinson's footwork was a bit inconsistent. His release point on several passes also was an issue this week.

Numerical Grade: 2.54

Comments: Robinson's lack of arm strength and accuracy hurt him this week. The hope is that his game tape will provide NFL decision makers with a more positive outlook.

Round Target: 6-7

Comments: Robinson projects as a late-round pick or as a priority free agent based on what we saw this week. He'll need to have a strong pro day as well as a strong NFL combine performance in order to be selected higher in the draft.

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