Seven Years Later Moore Commits to Georgia

ATHENS – It was some time about seven years ago that Corey Moore knew he would play for Georgia.

"My dad and I were watching a Georgia game," Moore remembered. "I loved the school colors, and I told my dad that's what I wanted to do – I wanted to play for Georgia."

It, in the end, wasn't quite that simple, but the first impression for Moore was the deepest.

"He told me that anything I put my mind to I could do, and I am doing that now," Moore said with a laugh.

The Griffin star became the second of the day to become a future Bulldog. Tucker's Chris Sanders committed to the Bulldogs first, but probably only because he went into to Mark Richt's office before Moore did.

"No, we didn't talk about it ahead of time," Moore said. "When I got to the office I saw him and asked him. He said that he'd committed to Georgia."

Moore admitted that he'd been thinking about the Georgia offer and everything that went along with it for the entire week. The Bulldogs offered the Griffin product on Thursday, and it has been at the front of him mind since.

"I thought it was possible that I would commit," he said. "It was dream to me. I always thought that I would go that. I am at home. I love the environment. I always wanted to play there. To me Georgia is a great place to play football and get my education. It fits for me."

One of his Griffin teammates wanted to make sure he'd pull the trigger for the Bulldogs. Like Moore, Griffin quarterback Tyler Hamm has a good memory of growing up a Georgia fan. He was not going to let Moore forget about the pact they made many, many moons ago.

"We a played on the same park team, and Tyler was our quarterback," More said, noting that the duo spent time together as kids at one another's homes. "We were seven or eight years old, and we always talked about how we are going to played at Georgia one day - and that dream has come true. We always wanted me to go to Georgia together. He reminded me of that Friday.

Richt and secondary coach Scott Lakatos cane send Hamm a thank you letter in the mail on Monday.

"Coach Richt said that he would love for me to play for Georgia, and Coach Lakatos said the same thing," Moore said. "They were kind of surprised and excited at the same time. They didn't know that I was going to commit to them today."

Moore said his father "is going to be proud of me" for picking Georgia.

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